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Freesia earrings in 925 silver

Freesia earrings in 925 silver

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Freesias are colorful flowers, fresh and full of life: perfect as a gift. But what is hidden behind this particular bulb?

There are many legends that revolve around this beautiful flower, but the mystery surrounding the freesia is still intense. In this article we will discover all its peculiarities, how it adapts to the terrain and what its mysterious meaning is.

History of freesias

It is part of the herbaceous perennial plants and its origins are African. It is said that the freesia , which arrived from this particular climate, has adapted perfectly to the Mediterranean one; in fact, in many areas it is possible to grow it easily and the flower yield is perfect.

Freesia is grown as a bulb, and then a stem arises which can be of variable length. From this, then, leaves similar to light green ribbons emerge, and over time, in summer, the stem and flowers emerge.

The flower is fresh, pleasant to the eye and fragrant to the nose. The flowering period is prolonged, in fact it begins in March and lasts until late October. It is possible to find freesias in different colors ranging from pale pink to bright yellow. The nuances, then, are varied and unpredictable.

Freesia looks like a small bell, and its fragrance is intense and pleasant. The final scent is mysterious and, at the same time, intoxicating. For this fascinating reason it has been associated, over time, with various legends and meanings. But what all these stories have in common is friendship or platonic love.

What is the meaning of freesia ? We tried to find out something more and, according to some research, it is said that freesia, in ancient times, was associated with sweet and nostalgic images caused by its scent. Let's try, therefore, to understand its history.

What is the meaning of freesias?

As we have already mentioned, a lot has been said about freesias over the years. One of the most famous legends, however, is the one in which it is said that planting a freesia in the garden opens a magical way before us. With these flowers, in fact, you can attract elves, nymphs and good fairies.

Another legend, however, talks about two mythological figures, Antinea and Yhorus. She, born from the union of magical creatures living in the forest and human beings. Instead he, Yhorus, is his faun friend.

It is said that Yhorus, on the occasion of Antinea's journey, gave her a garland made entirely of white freesias. These, according to Yhorus, served to demonstrate and remind Antinea of ​​all her purity of soul, but also of the strength she had in her heart.

With this gesture the faun wants to show her all the affection and all the hope he places in Antinea. In fact, he asked her to make suffering and melancholy disappear from the whole world. To do so, however, it was necessary for her to perform a magical dance in the forest where she was born. Antinea, therefore, begins her journey carrying with her the garland of freesias.

What it means to give freesias as gifts

With the strength of the legends just told, giving freesias as gifts takes on a completely different meaning. Given that these adapt well to every spring bouquet and beyond, it must be said that the meaning of this flower changes based on the territory and popular customs.

If in Northern Europe freesias are spoken of as a flower linked to memories or nostalgic feelings, in Southern Europe they symbolize the mystery surrounding its origins. Of the freesias, in fact, we only know with certainty that they come from the territories of Southern Africa but, to date, how they got there is still to be discovered.


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