About us

EkoWorld is a brand born in Italy created with the aim of bringing people closer to Nature and rediscovering the deeper meaning of everything that surrounds us.

It was born in 2016 from an innovative idea, to make the world of jewelry accessible to anyone wishing to wear something unique and inimitable, managing to keep its characteristics of luxury, preciousness and beauty intact, investing in research and design.
A project that develops in a network of associated producers and jewelers and that allows you to always have a short supply chain to build a direct relationship with the end customer. Over the years, the quality-price guarantee combined with the very high design has become the signature of EkoWorld, recognizable in a new and original concept.

The EkoWorld vision is a vision of luxury and elegance that everyone can aspire to. His creations have a strong and marked creative identity always in step with the times, without ever neglecting the artisan DNA.

Thanks to this winning philosophy, today EkoWorld is considered one of the reference brands within the market. It is also recognized as the first brand that opened the doors of direct producers by bringing the consumer closer to a new reality of democratic jewelery.

The EkoWorld philosophy is unique and inimitable, able to combine balanced cutting edge shapes with those of traditional flavor, refined minimalism with the most sophisticated savoir-faire, elegance with naturalness, all while ensuring an inimitable value for money.

In the EkoWorld universe, different collections coexist harmoniously, allowing a wide choice of unique and fashion models, for those who intend to show off exclusive jewelry.

The world of flowers, the tree of life, the animal kingdom and natural stones.

A space where gold and silver jewels with unmistakable details coexist, but also ultra-glamorous jewels, up to the charm collections of the highest quality and design.

EkoWorld continues uninterruptedly to invest in research and design that allow us to bring to light creations capable of meeting everyone's taste.

Attention to detail is present in each collection, the ability to create jewels that draw on the renowned goldsmith expertise of the world tradition, combined with the high quality offered at an affordable price, are further and important strengths of EkoWorld.

Collections for a transversal and vast public that are able to meet every need for style and taste. To give and treat yourself.
EkoWorld sees in every moment, in nature, a moment to live, to remember and to celebrate through a jewel: the intimacy of each relationship emerges and is enclosed in the shots that reveal a shared, intense and precious happiness.

To each symbol his jewel, to each jewel his person: from necklaces to bracelets, from rings to charms to earrings and brooches, EkoWorld celebrates each of us in a precious and unique way, with its collections to choose from.

Because we are all protagonists of our emotions.

Choose Nature.

Choose EkoWorld