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Penguin Necklace in 925 Silver and Natural Agana

Penguin Necklace in 925 Silver and Natural Agana

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It crystallizes in the trigonal system. Its name derives from Akhata, a river in Sicily, where the first deposits were found. Agate belongs to the quartz family and is a microcrystalline aggregate. It can have very beautiful natural colors, but is often an inconspicuous gray color. It reaches its beauty after a dye.

For health: The blue agate is an excellent energy capable of giving strength at all levels. All agates are in tune with earth vibrations and feminine energies. Eastern tradition associates this stone with the protection of mother and child. It is recommended to wear it for all pregnant and postpartum women.

The blue and pink agates are traditionally used during breastfeeding. Also, since it makes us feel more "centered", it is very useful to wear it during times of stress. Immersed in bath water, it relaxes and tones the body. It is recommended to apply two agates on tired eyes, in the evening for about ten minutes.

For the psyche: In the work environment, agate is useful because it helps rational thinking, emotional stability and fights dispersiveness. It also promotes harmony and collaboration between colleagues. If placed on the desk in the office, or in any case in places frequented by the public, it purifies and protects the environment. Agate gives calmness, clarity and introspection. It stimulates the person to find in himself the answers to his questions. It favors listening, self-observation and critical review of one's experiences. Promotes spiritual growth. Like all agates, this one is also excellent as a home protection, it helps communication between cohabitants

The penguin is a very powerful Power or Guide Animal.

Let's analyze for a moment its characteristics and what it metaphorically transmits to us:

  • in ancient times perhaps the penguin could fly. It has adapted to survive and it has evolved: its wings have turned into a kind of fins and its feathers have also changed so that it can swim better;
  • he is a very skilled swimmer, it could be said that he "flies into the water": he dives with the utmost elegance and flies into the deepest waters as an expression of his free inner spirit;
  • the energy of the penguin comes from its ability to push itself into the depths of the oceans and for this reason it is closely connected with the realm of perception, intuition and feeling;
  • it lives in hostile environments, exposed to storms and hurricanes, places where survival is not at all obvious and, nevertheless, flaunts its maximum elegance with joy and a playful soul. It penetrates into the deepest waters and re-emerges full of abundance;
  • penguins are wonderful animals and have a gland that allows them to filter salt water. For this reason, they can drink it!
  • the penguin lives more than 50% of the time underwater and has a better view underwater than on land;
  • its colors serve it to survive in the best way: seen from above, predators confuse it with dark waters and seen from below, other predators mistake it for the reflecting surface of the water;
  • like all birds, it sheds its feathers periodically;
  • most penguins choose a mate with whom they remain for the rest of their life. The male starts courting the female and, if she reciprocates, he brings her a pebble as a gift. From that moment their bond is forever;
  • it is the male that hatches the egg and the woman spends entire months in the open sea to get food;
  • it is a very strong, persevering, energetic, resistant animal, which adapts to any situation and never gives up;
  • it is a very social animal with an advanced communication system: each parent calls his puppy by emitting a specific sound, what we could call "name";
  • teamwork is essential for the penguin. For example, if they need to warm up, they approach each other by compacting and rotate the formation of the group to allow even the penguins that initially came out to get to the center and warm up;
  • although it is a playful and unconventional animal, it also imposes some rules that it follows very well: imagine it diving cheerful and lively or while the whole group marches at a rhythmic and equal pace through endless expanses of ice and you will understand what I mean.

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