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Wolf Necklace in Silver 925

Wolf Necklace in Silver 925

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Wolf: the bond with the family

The Gray Wolf , whose scientific name is Canis lupus , commonly known as Wolf , inhabits the most remote areas of the European continent, Asia and North America. Wolves are certainly one of the animals we know best . Books, tales and popular stories have been telling us the story of this splendid animal for centuries.

Meaning and legends about the Wolf

Therefore, there are numerous myths and many legends related to the Wolves . Just as there are also numerous false beliefs and stereotypes to dispel about it. Many fairy tales have taught children that Wolves are lonely and ferocious animals . Animals that attack humans in any situation they come across. In reality none of this is true. Wolves are neither solitary animals (always moving in packs) nor as ferocious as they want us to believe. Indeed, it rarely happens that a human being is attacked by this animal. If it happens, it is possible that he is injured and hungry or that he is the first to threaten the survival of the second.

For a long time (until the Middle Ages) precisely because of these false beliefs, many believed in the legend of the Wolfmen , diabolical beings to be annihilated and exorcised. For other ancient populations, such as the Native Americans, the wolf represented an inner teacher to follow and from which to learn knowledge.

The Totem of the Wolf

Those who have the Wolf as a totem animal are extremely talkative and characterized by a marked expressiveness that they express both in words and with the body (gaze, hands, body movements). Other qualities that characterize the Wolf person are generosity, patience, intelligence, friendliness, perspicacity, fidelity, compassion. Wolves are very attached to their family and generally respect all roles (like a hierarchical ladder).

Roles, which each member assumes within this, while maintaining their own personal freedom. In love, the man with this totem, just like the mystical animal, tends to choose a companion who is for life.


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