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Ladybug Necklace in 925 Silver and Zircons

Ladybug Necklace in 925 Silver and Zircons

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A ladybug! It will bring you luck. We have always grown up with this saying, because this cute red insect with seven black points has always enjoyed a good reputation and is considered a messenger of happiness.

A legend tells that the ladybug was the emblem of the ancient Goddess Lucina (Juno for the Romans), goddess of light, labor and childbirth, but also of a Goddess of love and beauty. But not only the red color has always represented the victory over enemies and diseases (in ancient times doctors made rheumatism sufferers wear red robes).

The number seven is also associated with luck, it is said that the number of black dots on the back of the ladybug indicates that of the months in which you will be kissed by the goddess of luck and that money will soon arrive. Luck is greater if the insect lands long enough to count to 22.

There are also other popular legends in which the ladybug is linked to the Madonna who was sometimes dressed in a red cloak and the seven dots, typical of the most common species of ladybug, which represented either seven joys or seven sorrows. Or even to the Lord (the ladybug is also called the Madonna beetle or the Lord's hen), while in the Middle Ages the German and English peasants believed that it was a gift from the Holy Mary against the plague of aphids and for this reason they renamed it the Mary beetle. Also in France it is called the beast of the Lord.

Ladybug, story of an insect friend of nature

The name "ladybird" comes from the Latin "coccineus" which means "scarlet". As we said, red is a vital, joyful color that indicates passion, strength, positivity and luck!

Not only in Italy there is the belief that the ladybug brings good luck: in Hebrew, for example, it is called "little horse of Moses" or even "little messiah", while in Turkey the translation has exactly the meaning of "lucky insect".

In England it is "ladybird" or "ladybug" to indicate "bird or insect she woman", while in Russian "God's cow" is the "female of the Lord". In Finland the tradition that leads the ladybug back to religious benevolence is alive: “marienvoglein”, or “Mary's insect”. Finally, there is a legend about why the ladybug has seven black points.

The legend of the ladybug with seven black dots

Once upon a time there was a man named Urunti, who lived a long time ago on earth. Urunti was a gigantic being and it was up to him to maintain justice among the creatures that inhabited the planet. At that time there was still no death and everyone continued to live forever: no one was born and no one died.

One day, Urunti decided to take a walk in her flower garden and stroked the rose to say good morning. He injured the thumb of his hand with a thorn and a drop of blood fell to wet the ground, but since there was no death, that drop came to life and began to walk.

Urunti observed the new red creature with six small black legs and decided to take it with him to know the world; the little ladybug watched closely, but saw no things she liked. Animals were injured, aged but never died, and she, who was recently born, saw only millenary creatures that by now already knew everything. To remember what she had seen, she asked Urunti to draw small black spots on her back, one for each of the injustices she had observed.

Urunti marveled at the ladybug's desire, asked her what he could do to remedy and preserve justice:

“Allow other creatures to see this world as well and let tired and injured animals rest,” she said.

But the man did not know what death was, so the ladybird, to teach him, stung himself with that thorn that had wounded Urunti's finger and had given her life. From that day on, Urunti introduced death and birth into the world and, after doing so, he finally decided to fall asleep next to the little ladybug with a spotted back.


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