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Whale Necklace in 925 Silver and Gold

Whale Necklace in 925 Silver and Gold

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Necklace 40cm plus 5cm.

Where the earth ends, another new world begins: the marine world, characterized by grandeur and immensity. To talk about whales we must pay great attention to the environment in which they move, the sea. Seas and waters relate to old age, with a symbolism of emotional depth. As human beings we are able to feel emotions and some of them are easy to show on the surface, which we can compare with the elements we can find on the surface of the sea. These emotions we speak of can be easily observed, are familiar to us and we can deal with them on a daily basis. Other emotions, on the contrary, are found only in the depths of our being: we have emotions, in fact, of which we are not aware, which however influence us in everyday life even if we do not realize them.

From this point of view we can easily relate the depth of our being and our emotions with the depths of the ocean. This is why the whale is an animal that basically relates to emotions: it symbolizes emotional creativity, well-being, breeding and also emotional depth.

Those who feel a special bond with this animal or those who are simply interested in it are usually people with incredible sensitivity. Sometimes this type of person can feel overwhelmed or suffocated by their deepest feelings. This group of people has another very important characteristic, which is the fact that they are very aware of the feelings of the people around them and this can be very negative, as they are subjected to a pressure that can come to destabilize them. For this reason, people who have great empathy and who can almost feel the emotions of others and experience their own in a very intense way can easily identify with whales.

In relation to the world of whales there are many myths and parables. For the Native Americans the whale was a symbol of great importance. At least once we have all encountered situations that frightened us or with tasks of excessive responsibility that we had to carry on our shoulders and that made us feel like we were in an emotional impasse. In our hands lies the will to control these situations and not only try to solve them, but also learn from them, or experience a positive personal growth that helps us to deal with these adverse situations that may also arise in the future.

For this, all people who identify with or have admiration for whales can learn one of the most important lessons that can be learned from this animal, which is that the whale is a symbol of emotional clarity and helps us navigate through the sea of emotions. which can sometimes seem ambiguous and confusing. Whales are a good example of raising their young - this can be seen in the way whales help younger whales to grow and how they bond with them. People interested in whales are often people passionate about helping others and especially promoting not only individual but community wellbeing. People who feel attracted to whales often have to deal with their own emotions, but they don't fail to help others with their emotional turmoil. If these things sound familiar, if you have this tendency, then probably one of the animals you identify with is the whale.


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