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Amethyst Necklace in 925 Silver

Amethyst Necklace in 925 Silver

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Amethyst is a purple quartz. You can use it on many occasions, for example during a crystal therapy treatment or to meditate. Otherwise you can take advantage of its many properties by wearing it in the form of earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces… Among the best known benefits are those of reducing headaches and, from a metaphysical point of view, opening the third eye.

You can buy it in a physical store or online. Fortunately, it is found very easily and is usually not fake. Indeed, it is used to imitate more expensive stones such as citrine quartz.

If you are wondering what the name amethyst means , know that it derives from Amethystos and means " he who does not get drunk ". Among the most interesting legends about this stone, the best known is probably the one that sees it capable of blocking the effects of alcohol by preventing the person from getting drunk, simply by putting a small tumbled amethyst quartz in the glass with the alcoholic drink inside.

Properties of amethyst

Amethyst has many different properties. It works well in contact with the higher energy spheres, so the ideal is that you wear it around your neck as a pendant. In crystal therapy treatments, place it on the sixth chakra, it helps you to develop a greater awareness of non-ordinary reality.

You can feel particularly attracted to amethyst if you are the typical person who likes to reflect and who goes through every change by taking the time to evaluate every aspect of it. Amethyst attracts balanced people .

What is it for? To take advantage of the properties of amethyst you can decide to wear a jewel as I said before, even better than earrings. Nobody forbids you to wear rings or bracelets with this stone instead. In fact, it transmits its teachings to you simply by keeping it in contact with your body. According to the Ancient Egyptians it is a stone that protects travelers.

Benefits for the mind

What is amethyst for when it comes to properties for the mind and psyche? This violet quartz has great power over the whole mental sphere. You can use it as a pendant to stimulate the mind for example, or you can use it very well in crystal therapy treatments. Precisely because finding amethyst is so easy, it is usually used during sessions with crystals even by professionals.

It was the ancestors who first recognized it as a suitable stone for intervening on a large number of problems. Amethyst, for example, helps you to resize them all a bit. You see them in the right perspective , without enlarging or diminishing them. It helps you to open your vision to other possible ways, so as not to limit yourself and not always perpetuate in the same error.

Wear amethyst earrings, rings or necklaces if you want to work hard on yourself and want to be able to achieve real goals . At the same time since amethyst opens the mind, you don't find yourself chained to goals that someone else has chosen for you but you are able to distinguish what you really want.

Use it if you feel that you are under the influence of others a little too much or if you develop a lot of negative thoughts lately. According to the Ancient Egyptians it helps to remove even the feelings of guilt! However, it is a perfect stone to stimulate creativity and intelligence . Use it if you are embarking on a new business, it can support you and help you take the paths that suit you best. It helps you keep the temptation to spend more money than you have in mind.


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