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Green jasper stone bracelet

Green jasper stone bracelet

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Jasper is a very common opaque and compact stone, belonging to the quartz family, which has different colors (from red to green, to yellow and brown) depending on the inclusions of different foreign substances.

It is of secondary origin and derives from the deposition of silica directly from waters in clayey or sandy rocks. During the progressive transformation into quartz, the fine particles of clay and sand remain trapped in the jasper in formation, causing its opacity and the surface designs that characterize it.

It can also have an organic origin following the accumulation of radiolarians or sponges. The most ancient deposits, according to Pliny the Elder, were found in Ethiopia, Cyprus and India; today the most important are in Brazil, Australia and India. In Italy, jasper is found in Tyrol, Tuscany and Liguria.

The most common varieties are yellow and brown-sand , green and red : the first is produced by the presence of iron oxide in bivalent form (Fe2 +), the red one in trivalent form (Fe3 +), while the green one by inclusions of iron silicate compounds.


Depending on the color , jasper can be associated with various elements ( Fire : red; Earth : green, yellow and brown) and their respective characteristics related to energy and strength, prosperity, fertility and well-being.

Chakra connected to Jasper

Second chakra Svadhishthana ("Abdomen")

All properties of stones and crystals


The name jasper is of Persian origin and in ancient times it indicated what we now call quartz.
The first to use jasper, in its various varieties, were the Hittites and, subsequently, the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, the Etruscans and the Chinese included Yu , that is "sacred stones", among the stones.

In the Middle Ages, Hildegard von Bingen gives the following description of the formation of jasper in his treatise Physica : "Jasper grows when the sun, after the ninth hour, is about to set. It is heated by solar heat, however it is more air. than of water or fire ".

According to the Benedictine nun, it is a remedy for pain in the heart and for troubled dreams : for pain in the heart, the cold stone must be placed on the chest until the body heat has heated it (the procedure must be repeated until when you feel better); for troubled dreams, on the other hand, you have to keep the stone next to you while you sleep, its influences give serenity to sleep .

In ancient times, jasper was attributed the virtue of neutralizing any type of spell.
American Indians used it in rites to make rain fall, hence the name of "rain bearer" .

The ancient Egyptians considered bloodstone to be the emblem of the blood of the goddess Isis and various types were used as an amulet in the form of a scarab

In the Middle Ages it was considered the stone of warriors : in this regard, in the saga of the Nibelungs it is said that a jasper was set in the handle of Siegfried's sword.

How to use jasper

Jasper can be drained after use under running water.
To obtain lasting effects on the spiritual level, it is advisable to always carry it with you in close contact with the skin or to apply it on the area to be treated for physical therapy.


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