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Tiger Ring in 925 Silver

Tiger Ring in 925 Silver

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The tiger, due to its inherent feline and wild nature, is considered a symbol of power , instinctive strength, and energy. More precisely, it is associated with the Chinese Yang principle, the equivalent of male strength. It must be said, however, that the white tiger, the essence of Yin , the element of feminine strength, constitutes an exception. Just as the lion is the king of the jungle in African tradition, in Chinese culture the tiger is the most majestic and regal of animals. Therefore, a profound sense of respect or even awe aroused by its elegance , vitality and power.


Legend has it that the tiger overcame the wild boars that ravaged the Chinese fields and prevented the harvest. From this act of prowess comes his role as a guide animal, courageous and irrepressible, but at the same time a planner and capable of mediating between aggression and self-control. Its power is also feared by demons and evil spirits. Precisely for this reason, she is considered the protector of the dead . Typical of Chinese culture are in fact its statuary representations placed on the tombs, to protect those who have left the earthly world.


Such a rich symbol could certainly not be limited to a single image. There are in fact five types of tiger existing in Chinese culture. Each differs in its color, as well as in the values and characteristics associated with it.

Yellow: it is the greatest leader, the most important of the tigers and symbol of the Sun.

Bianca: related to strength and the ability to resist in the hardest moments. It stimulates the individual to continue on their spiritual path by avoiding violence in favor of calm and impulse control. The element over which he exercises his mastery is metal. It is considered the symbol par excellence of the autumn season.

Black: fearsome and dark like the night, it is the dominatrix of the winter season. The element that identifies it is Water.

Blue: rules the element of Earth and is associated with the spring season.

Red: its color makes it the dominator of the element of Fire and associates it with the summer season.


As in the Western horoscope, also in the Chinese horoscope there is a tendency to associate to each zodiac sign a particular meaning which, according to tradition, permeates those born under that sign. Well, those who are tigers would be characterized by an energetic and courageous personality, bordering on impetuosity. These are individuals with a strong power of attraction, naturally leaders, with a certain tendency to exert their influence in an authoritarian way. Passion and impatience can hold back or encourage the pursuit of their goals.


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