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Hummingbird Ring in 925 Silver and Natural Stone

Hummingbird Ring in 925 Silver and Natural Stone

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Open and adjustable ring.

The name of Hummingbird is intended to indicate a family of birds belonging to the order of the Apodiformes , which includes 342 species. Considered the smallest birds in the world, their weight varies between 2.5 and 6.5 grams while their length ranges from 6 to 12 cm.

Curiosity about the Hummingbird

These tiny birds have incredible powers of movement in the air not found in any other species that sails the skies of the planet. Thanks to having the ability to make their wings beat up to 80 times per second, they have the ability to remain still, in mid-air. All this to be able to comfortably feed on the nectar present in the flowers. Not only that, the only case in the world, the Hummingbird can also fly backwards !

Another incredible ability of this tiny bird is to fall into a state of torpor similar to hibernation. This trick allows him to save a lot of energy both during sleep and in times when food may be scarce.

The meaning of the Hummingbird

The Hummingbird, as we said, is an animal with very particular characteristics . In fact, for centuries it has been an important figure in both the populations of South and Central America. The Mayans and Aztecs considered him a deity by representing him on paintings and sculptures.

In more recent times, unfortunately, the Hummingbird has attracted the attention of those who, fascinated by this creature, have caused the death of thousands of specimens. This is only to display it stuffed in one's own homes or as a decoration for hats and clothes. In Peru, the Natzca people made more than 800 drawings excavated in the ground. These sort of hieroglyphs called Nazca Lines represent various animals. Some of these are over 180 meters long! The splendid representation of a Hummingbird is very interesting (the reason that prompted this people to create these effigies is still unknown).

Loved for its colors, for the stunts it can perform and for its impetuosity, the Hummingbird symbolizes the love of life and the joy of living . The Hummingbird totem is also a symbol of great ability to overcome difficulties and to pay attention in avoiding dangers. The totem is a powerful cure against despondency towards life. This can regain strength thanks to the love that is given to those who have lost vital energy and fortitude. It is based on the power of love. This love nourishes and sustains all and which represents the only true understanding for human evolution.


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