Terms of payment

Credit cards

You can pay for your purchases by Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Moneta credit card, Postepay and rechargeable cards. Your credit card will be charged at the same time as the order is completed, without prejudice to the reversibility of the withdrawal in case of cancellation of the order.
At no time during the purchase procedure is EkoWorld able to know the credit card number, information relating to it or the Customer's financial, property and personal information. In fact, upon confirmation by the Customer, this information is transmitted via a secure connection directly to the bank's portal or to the financial company.

EkoWorld reserves the right to request additional information from the Customer or to send a copy of identity documents in the event of suspected fraud. In the absence of the required documentation, EkoWorld reserves the right not to accept the order.


PayPal, simple and free
We accept PayPal and the various payment methods made available by PayPal (transactions with major credit cards are accepted).

Security in the first place, thanks to automatic encryption of confidential data, managed exclusively by PayPal's servers (card data is not shared with EkoWorld or with others) and supported by an anti-fraud team that monitors transactions daily, 24 hours a day ! Read more here.

The simplicity of purchasing in just a few clicks and the convenience of making payments securely at no additional cost make PayPal the most used payment method for millions of people.

Even if an address has been indicated in the Paypal account, the shipment will take place at the delivery address indicated in the order sent to EkoWorld Jewels.