How to choose the size?

All our rings in the catalog are open and therefore adjustable!

Over the years, our hands change and it can happen, therefore, to have problems with rings. In fact, in many situations it is possible to discover that a ring turns out to be too big and it is certainly not just a matter of age.

The discovery, in fact, can take place immediately after a wrong purchase or gift, after following a strict diet or with the lowering of temperatures.

But the cases do not end there.

It may happen that you have to move the ring on another finger for a short period, to have a jewel with a large stone that tends to slide down most of the time, from the palm of the hand so to speak, creating discomfort in activities. everyday, to want to wear two rings on the same finger without them turning and hindering each other.

The greatest risk of wearing a ring that is too large, it seems clear, is that it suddenly slips and gets lost.

There is a simple solution.

Purchase an EkoWorld adjustable ring.

To get the perfect fit, simply wear it and adapt it to the chosen finger with your own hands, shrinking or widening it to the desired size.

This solution, available in all our rings in the catalog, is perfect to adapt to all sizes and to make sure that the ring can accompany you forever, moving it from one finger to the other to match it perfectly with the other jewels.

A decidedly economical and durable solution that guarantees a perfect fit and will adapt to each individual customer.

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