Unakite is a tertiary lithogenesis stone, it is one of the least known in Crystal therapy . Despite this, I find it one of the most fascinating crystals I have ever encountered during my studies. Other than that, there are few books that talk about this stone, and this difficulty was a source of inspiration for me to create this article.

First of all it must be said that Unakite is a variety of granite, which is considered a semi-precious stone, as it is formed for the most part by Epidotus, inside which traces of rose quartz and feldspar can be found.

It has a monoclinic crystal system and is mainly composed of calcium, aluminum and iron silicate.

Furthermore, this stone comes in numerous shades of green and pink (from the lightest to the darkest green, from pastel pink to salmon pink).

The meaning of this stone dates back to when it was initially called "Unaka" by the Cherokee tribe, as it came from the Unaka mountain range (also known as the "Unaka Range"), which is located on the border between Tennessee and Carolina. of the North.

Unakite deposits can be made up of large rock masses, however most of them come in the form of pebbles near lakes or rivers, which makes this stone easily accessible.

Currently the largest deposits of Unakite are located in France, the United States (especially in the Great Lakes region, located in Virginia), China, Austria, Brazil, but also in Sierra Leone and South Africa ( 1 ).

Over the years, Unakite has been used in art, in jewelry (especially in the form of necklaces and bracelets), but also for meditative purposes and to make ornamental and decorative objects (such as spheres, pyramids and statuettes of all kinds).

16 Ownership of Unakite

Unakite has very interesting properties both on a physical and spiritual level. First of all, this stone constitutes an oasis of peace and serenity, in which we can calmly recover the energies we have lost.

In fact, it invites us to take some time for ourselves, to relax and recharge in doing nothing. In this way, we can create our own space to protect our inner calm, freeing ourselves from all that is superfluous and obsolete.

  1. Unakite is also a stone of patience and perseverance, which teaches us that nothing can be achieved in life without the necessary commitment, and that everything will come only at the right moment.
  2. It is especially good in case of depression and uncertainty about one's future.
  3. Furthermore, this stone is successfully used for the resolution of traumas, imbalances, discomforts and blocks related to the past.
  4. We can therefore affirm that Unakite teaches us to live with presence and intensity in the “Here and Now”, without setting useless or stressful expectations. It is no coincidence, in fact, that Unakite is one of the best anti-stress and anti-anxiety stones.
  5. As a bearer of spiritual evolution, some believe that Unakite has the property of fostering psychic gifts and extrasensory abilities, such as empathy, intuition and clairvoyance.
  6. This stone is also excellent in sleep disorders (such as insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, obsessive and recurring thoughts, etc.). In this case, in fact, it is sufficient to place a tumbled stone in the pillow case to find a relaxing and restorative sleep.
  7. Promotion of our self-esteem;
  8. Help in accepting the love of others and in caring for others;
  9. Support in achieving our personal goals;
  10. Elimination of doubts and insecurities;
  11. Support in finding both the origin and the cause of our problems, in order to favor the transmutation of problems into opportunities;
  12. Support in the healing of the physical body, through the elimination of negative elements such as old emotional wounds, useless attachments, anger and resentment;
  13. Alignment of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies, for the purpose of our personal evolution;
  14. Help in the gradual elimination of bad habits (such as alcohol abuse, smoking and various addictions) and emotional addictions;
  15. On a physical level it is used to support the functions of the liver and hepato-biliary functions in general;
  16. Used to stimulate digestion (especially if there are digestive difficulties) and to strengthen the immune system.

The Unakite and the Chakras

The beneficial action of Unakite is aimed at several chakras, and in particular:

  • Manipura: solar plexus chakra , as it favors the elimination of blocks and traumas, especially those of long standing;
  • Muladhara: root chakra , as it stimulates us to take better care of ourselves (through food and the correct balance between sleep and wakefulness);
  • Ajna: front chakra (or Third Eye), since it is also known as the "stone of visions", which is the bearer of spiritual evolution and amplifies extrasensory abilities (especially intuition, empathy and clairvoyance);
  • Anahata: heart chakra , as it favors the elimination of addictions, especially on an emotional level.

Two Mantras, in particular, help us to understand the nature of this stone, and more precisely:

  • I bring my past experiences to the surface, in order to bring new experiences and transformation into my life;
  • I am healed on all levels and am the bearer of a higher state of consciousness.
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