• The properties of Pietersite are useful during the phases of change and chaotic situations in which it is necessary to bring order and clarity into one's life.
  • Pietersite helps overcome dependence on others and their approval
  • Helps to become detached without becoming cynical and numb, allowing you to manage negative emotions and inner tensions and conflicts
  • The properties of Pietersite allow to assimilate experiences without judging oneself and to elaborate them to learn the lessons connected to them
  • Pietersite allows you to maintain attention and concentration even in difficult times
  • Also known as the Storm Stone due to its connection to storms, it is said to possess "the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven" due to its connection to spiritual reality
  • It helps to free ourselves from the illusions and conditioning and beliefs transmitted by others, allowing us to connect to our inner truth and teaching us to recognize the lies and falsehoods of others
  • Pietersite allows you to express and live your own truth, supports and makes you stronger, pushing us not to be afraid to speak and freeing ourselves from all this and from those who hinder the truth
  • The properties of Pietersite allow to face unresolved conflicts and repressed emotions
  • Cleans and stimulates the energy flow of the body's meridians

The Therapeutic Properties and Benefits of Pietersite in Crystal Therapy

  • The properties of Pietersite allow to accelerate the healing of diseases caused by the lack of inner peace
  • Pietersite is indicated in respiratory problems, is indicated in disorders related to the kidneys, lungs, intestines, legs and feet and the assimilation of nutrients
  • Stimulates the pituitary gland, balances the endocrine system the hormones that regulate metabolism, blood pressure, temperature, growth and sexuality
  • This stone is suitable for those suffering from physical or nervous exhaustion and for those who have little energy because they sleep little

How to Purify, Charge and Use Pietersite and Associated Chakras in Crystal Therapy

  • Chakras associated with Pietersite in crystal therapy: harmonizes the third chakra (solar plexus chakra) and the sixth chakra (third eye chakra)
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