Vitreous in appearance, obsidian is formed from a lava rich in silica and cools rapidly upon contact with water. Obsidian is a very popular volcanic rock for its therapeutic and energetic virtues. The colors of the stone vary from black, gray, dark green, red and even mahogany or gold.

Nowadays, we can see blue obsidian appear, it is important to know that this color does not exist in nature. Blue obsidian comes exclusively from the human manipulation of the chemical elements that make up the stone. Relatively hard, around 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs scale, obsidian is certainly harder than glass it can scratch, but it also breaks into sharp shards which can be frightening, as they can inflict serious wounds.

Obsidian is mined in volcanic areas around the world. From the Aeolian Islands alongside Greece and Turkey, from Iceland to the United States and Mexico, from Japan to the island of Java and Easter Island, rich deposits were formed more than two million years ago.


History of obsidian

Etymologically, the word obsidian derives from the Latin, more precisely from the name Obsius who was the first Roman to speak of obsidian, this curious stone found in Ethiopia. Archaeologists tell us that this stone was used by prehistoric man. Obsidian was often used as the tip of arrows or blades of knives and other tools and weapons. From pre-Columbian America to Neolithic Europe, obsidian was the object of the first trade between humans.

Obsidian is a very talked about stone, especially in fantasy literature and audiovisual productions. The reference to the magical and supernatural powers of the stone is omnipresent.


Virtue of obsidian

Physically, obsidian is a detoxifying stone. It is said to have the powerful ability to remove blockages in the body's energy flow. This property makes this stone highly recommendable for relieving tension and smoothing blood circulation. Obsidian is very useful, among other things, to relieve pain due to rheumatism, arthrosis or muscle cramps. It certainly has the power to inflict wounds, but it also has the ability to help stop bleeding and heal wounds.

As already mentioned, obsidian is a stone of truth. His protective power and his mental and spiritual power are such that it is advisable to treat him wisely and carefully. It is important to know that obsidian is an extremely protective stone and acts as a powerful armor against waves and negative spiritual influences and against the evil eye. Some also speak of its resistance to magic and its effectiveness in blocking psychic and spiritual attacks. Obsidian strengthens the wearer. By revealing the truth about oneself and others, it leads to clarity of vision and widens the field of consciousness to allow the soul to flourish and be elevated.

On a karmic level, obsidian acts on the third eye chakra promoting clairvoyance. This faculty must be handled with care, because obsidian is a very powerful stone when it comes to removing obstacles that prevent clarity of internal vision and knowledge of the truth about oneself. It is highly recommended to psychologically prepare for this exercise of truth as it may prove too painful for the person.

Obsidian, the favorite stone of the coronal chakra, is a powerful magnet that attracts spiritual forces. It also acts on the root chakra and promotes the flowering of the bond with Mother Earth, eliminating the perturbations that can hinder the anchoring of the chakra to the earth. Placing an obsidian stone on the solar plexus will help reduce digestive ailments and pains.

The extraordinary power of obsidian makes it one of those stones that don't need to be purified, as it is so powerful in repelling negative energies. To recharge it, just expose it to moon or sun light or fire light. Placing obsidian on a pile of Druze optimizes its refill.

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