Aquamarine is a mineral from the silicate group and a variety of beryl. It has a magnificent luster that recalls the color of the sea which varies from transparent to translucent. The oxidation of iron gives Aquamarine its blue or green color. The mineral inclusions give the stone a dazzling, shimmering or asterisk effect. The darker color called the deep lagoon is the most popular today. The hardness of aquamarine is about 7.5 / 8 on the Mohs scale.

This precious stone is found in granite rocks. It is also found in alluvial deposits. Aquamarine is found mainly in Brazil, where quality stones with curious infiltrated reliefs of a deep blue are found.

The most beautiful aquamarines are found in Pakistan, but the constraints of extraction and transport make them very rare in the West. Other African countries such as Zombia, Mozambique, Nigeria and Madagascar have huge aquamarine deposits.


History of the aquamarine

Pliny said: "the most beautiful dangers are those that imitate sea water" and this is precisely the case of the Aquamarine whose name derives from the Latin "Aqua Marina" which literally means "sea water".

The stone has been appreciated since ancient times. At the time it was prized for its ability to protect sailors from the wrath of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. According to Greek mythology, the aquamarine would have poured onto the coasts after falling from the coffers of the nymphs.

In the Middle Ages, people believed in the divinatory power of aquamarine. To predict the future, the soothsayer held an aquamarine crystal at the end of a wire on the surface of a bowl of water. The edges of this bowl were marked with the different letters of the alphabet that the stone would beat to indicate the answers from beyond. One could also try to read the future in the ripples on the surface of the water where an aquamarine crystal has been thrown.


Virtue of aquamarine

Aquamarine is known for its powerful powers on the body and mind. Bringer of joy and creativity, it allows you to release escaped emotions. It brings calm, softness and serenity. It has energetic properties that soothe anxieties and promote communication.

Aquamarine would be a great way to channel anger. Some also recognize its power to strengthen love in bud, hence its frequent use to secure engagement rings. For people who are already in a relationship, aquamarine is a source of comfort and strengthening of romantic bonds.

From a spiritual point of view, Aquamarine emits delicate vibrations that invite reflection and the search for the true self. Stone of extra lucidity, aids clairvoyance and channeling peace. It is often associated with the artistic professions. Aquamarine is suitable for both ambitious people and stronger personalities.

Karmically, aquamarine is connected to the throat and neck chakra. It is said to help treat respiratory diseases and inflammation of the larynx. It would also help strengthen the vocal cords. Aquamarine would also relieve dental pains, and help tone the immune system, fighting pollen allergies and hay fever, among other things ..... It also treats some skin diseases such as acne, hives, herpes and eczema and helps fight shingles. It also works against insomnia and stress.

The zodiac signs associated with aquamarine are the signs of Gemini, Scales, Pisces, Aquarius. The purification of the aquamarine is carried out with water, both running and distilled and salted. It recharges with exposure to the sun's rays on a cluster of crystals.

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