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925 Sterling Silver Dragonflies and Ladybugs in the Garden Charm

925 Sterling Silver Dragonflies and Ladybugs in the Garden Charm

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The dragonfly is a strange insect, belonging to the order of the Odonata , its name derives from the Latin " libra ", that is balance, precisely because it keeps its wings horizontal during flight. Always considered a magical being thanks to the appearance of a fairy, and with iridescent wings that change color according to the reflections of the light; able to fly quickly, often changing direction in order to deceive the predators which, by moving the wings quickly and elegantly, it manages to escape.

The dragonfly has an intrinsic peculiarity of its nature which is that of spending its life as a young man on the bottom of the ponds in the form of a larva and then almost magically transforming itself, once adult, into that elegant insect that we all know; thanks to this transformation, the deepest meaning that can be associated with the dragonfly is that of " transformation ", passing from the carefree life of an adolescent to adult life, encouraging one to go beyond appearances and seek one's own identity and personality.

So it is linked to life changes and introspection of oneself and one's conscience; its 360 ° view can symbolize the search for truth and the overcoming of illusions and a journey into oneself, often also through perceptions and dreams.

A legend has it that the dragonfly was once a very wise dragon, which flying at night brought light thanks to its breath of fire. His magical breath created the art of magic and the illusion of changing form. Then the dragon ended up a prisoner of his illusory form to fool the coyote, remaining a prisoner in the dragonfly's body. [David Carson].

Ladybug, story of an insect friend of nature

A ladybug! It will bring you luck. We have always grown up with this saying, because this cute red insect with seven black points has always enjoyed a good reputation and is considered a messenger of happiness.

A legend tells that the ladybug was the emblem of the ancient Goddess Lucina (Juno for the Romans), goddess of light, labor and childbirth, but also of a Goddess of love and beauty. But not only the red color has always represented the victory over enemies and diseases (in ancient times doctors made rheumatism sufferers wear red robes).

The number seven is also associated with luck, it is said that the number of black dots on the back of the ladybug indicates that of the months in which you will be kissed by the goddess of luck and that money will soon arrive. Luck is greater if the insect lands long enough to count to 22.

There are also other popular legends in which the ladybug is linked to the Madonna who was sometimes dressed in a red cloak and the seven dots, typical of the most common species of ladybug, which represented either seven joys or seven sorrows. Or even to the Lord (the ladybug is also called the Madonna beetle or the Lord's hen), while in the Middle Ages the German and English peasants believed that it was a gift from the Holy Mary against the plague of aphids and for this reason they renamed it the Mary beetle. Also in France it is called the beast of the Lord.


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