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Owl Charm in 925 Silver and Zircons

Owl Charm in 925 Silver and Zircons

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The meaning of the Owl

This bird of prey, together with the Owl, represents clairvoyance . Often associated with magicians and fortune tellers, it symbolizes understanding, the light after the solution of a problem. Being nocturnal animals they evoke darkness as a synonym of darkness and death but, while the Owl , with its sharp gaze penetrates the darkness, personifying the light as an exit from darkness indicating revelation, the Owl has a negative meaning, as a bird of the ill omen, herald of death. In fact we find a confirmation of the positive meaning of this nocturnal animal in ancient mythology.

According to a Spanish legend, the Owl became a bird with nocturnal habits after having witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus. Since then, in fact, the bird of prey continues to remember that event, repeating in its typical verse the word cruz , or "cross".

According to the fairytale tradition, however, the Owl is almost always represented as a wise and erudite animal, which does its utmost to spread its wisdom to all other animals.

Curiosities about the Owl

Stocky in its forms, the Owl, together with the Owl, is the nocturnal bird par excellence.

It is characterized by the typical tufts on the ears, which are nothing more than simple feathers. Equipped with very fine hearing, it is an exclusively nocturnal animal. During the night, in fact, it hunts a great variety of small animals ranging from shrews to moles, from mice to bats and mice. However, it does not disdain other small birds and insects. During the day it sleeps in the hollows of trees or in old ruins, perfectly camouflaged by the plumage.

The dimensions of the Owls vary between 30 and 40 cm in length with a wingspan that can reach a meter in length. Another peculiarity of the Owls is that they cannot move their eyes. On the other hand, however, he manages to rotate his head by 270 °.


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