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Natural Stone Anklet

Natural Stone Anklet

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Amethyst is a purple quartz. You can use it on many occasions, for example during a crystal therapy treatment or to meditate. Otherwise you can take advantage of its many properties by wearing it in the form of earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces… Among the best known benefits are those of reducing headaches and, from a metaphysical point of view, opening the third eye.

You can buy it in a physical store or online. Fortunately, it is found very easily and is usually not fake. Indeed, it is used to imitate more expensive stones such as citrine quartz.

If you are wondering what the name amethyst means , know that it derives from Amethystos and means " he who does not get drunk ". Among the most interesting legends about this stone, the best known is probably the one that sees it capable of blocking the effects of alcohol by preventing the person from getting drunk, simply by putting a small tumbled amethyst quartz in the glass with the alcoholic drink inside.


The oldest pink quartzes were found in Mesopotamia (Iraq today) and date back to 6000 BC The Assyrians used these stones to create magnificent jewels, to be used for both aesthetic and esoteric purposes. Rose quartz is today one of the best known and most loved minerals, as well as among the top 5 or 6 minerals that I have purchased myself. I have several specimens of this very positive stone, considered the stone of fertility and eternal youth. All the pink quartzes I have are not too intense pink, some tumbled and others rough.

A Greek legend has it that it was the god Eros who gave this mineral to men. According to an oriental legend, however, two young people in love but of different social caste, were forced to meet in secret and each time the boy brought a white rose as a gift to his beloved. The story ended in tragedy, when her father found out about the affair, he killed them. The rose they held in their hands turned to stone, turning into rose quartz.

With its trigonal crystal system, it is suitable for practical people, who want to tackle problems directly. Born from a primary lithogenetic process, this means that, like all other quartz, it is a lava stone.


The name "jade" derives from the Spanish pedra de ijada , meaning "stone of the hips" , given its traditional beneficial power on the loins and kidneys, and dates back to the time of the Spanish conquest of Central America, where this stone was very appreciated and finely worked.

In ancient China it was a sacred stone used to make urns as it was believed to have the power to prevent corrosion and drive away evil spirits. In traditional Chinese literature, gold and jade are often mentioned together and are considered symbols of wealth . Even today, the price of good quality jade is worth no less than a piece of gold of the same weight.

Confucius (551-479 BC) states that jade has eleven virtues , including benevolence (it is sweet and shiny to the touch), fidelity (it never irritates the skin), education and sincerity (a defect in jade does not never hides). Confucian culture also preached that a man should define his manners and conduct in accordance with the virtues of jade.


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