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Muladhara Bracelet in Natural Stone

Muladhara Bracelet in Natural Stone

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Meaning of the Muladhara chakra

Muladhara in Sanskrit means "root, support". Its main function is survival and the associated keyword: I EXIST .

Muladhara is related to the grounding with the Earth , it is connected with the will to live and gives vitality to the organism. The qualities that characterize it are determination, firmness, stability, self-esteem.

Unbalance of the chakra

The disharmonious functioning of the Muladhara chakra can lead to the development of various pathologies: hemorrhoids, obesity, constipation, sciatica, arthritis, sexual disorders.

If there is an excessive functioning of this chakra, both thoughts and actions will be oriented towards the obsessive satisfaction of material needs and personal security, with a tendency to possessiveness and selfishness. The reactions to obstacles will be of aggression, anger, jealousy, violence or in any case a defensive attitude, linked to a lack of trust, in which there is always the fear of losing what gives security and a sense of well-being.

If, on the other hand, there is insufficient functioning , there will be weakness and poor physical and emotional resistance, excessive worry, existential insecurity , lack of reference points. Every fact of daily life will become insurmountable: therefore we will prefer to give up the challenge, we will dream of more pleasant and less tiring conditions and an attitude of mental escape from existing reality will develop.

If the upper chakras are more developed than the lower ones, you will have the feeling of being out of this world and you will experience a profound sense of strangeness and absolute and hopeless loneliness. If the energy block also affects the third chakra in addition to the first, one could find oneself in the presence of eating disorders such as anorexia .

How to rebalance Muladhara

To rebalance the first chakra, the simplest solution is to carry out a meditation lying on the ground, with your eyes closed and with your head facing north, placing the crystals directly on the bare skin at the groin and in the center of the pubic bone.

Rock crystals can be used to enhance the effect of the stones, holding them in the hand or arranging them in a circle around the body, with the tips pointing towards the center. Drain and rinse the stones under cold water after use.


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