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Bracelet in 925 Silver and Lava Stone

Bracelet in 925 Silver and Lava Stone

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Volcanic stone , also known as lava , is characterized by its many meanings and properties with which it is endowed.

When we talk about black lava stone , we can refer to a very large number of stones with characteristics each one different from the other. Among the most widespread and in some ways important volcanic stones , we can include:

Sea water, quartz, carnelian, amethyst, ametrine, obsidian, hawk's eye, topaz, sardonyx, blende or even fluorite and halophyllite.

All these minerals are characterized by the fact that they allow to improve and speed up learning processes; they also help to raise and improve all the various qualities present and existing in a man or woman. They are thus able to enhance all the qualities of a person's character.


Lava or volcanic stone also helps to develop new thoughts, especially positive ones, and these stones in general help to improve behavior, so that a subject can find their serenity and calm in the most difficult moments of their life. In very simple words, lava or volcanic stones help a person throughout their life in order to remain calm in the most difficult moments thus making the right decisions at the right time.

As an example, among the many volcanic stones , you can take rose quartz, which helps to increase unconditional love, obsidian which is instead considered able to get in touch with the world of spirits, obsidian is moreover, one of the most ancient stones and, in fact, was already used by stone men, black onyx, which instead helps to achieve the objectives set by a subject, aquamarine, which, according to a legend, would help to recognize the lies, carnelian, which is instead considered the best remedy to facilitate blood coagulation, blende which is instead considered the stone par excellence of idealists or even fluorite, which is suitable for anyone who always wanted to maintain their freedom , or, again, the aplophyllitis, which instead is suitable because it gives calm and removes the sense of oppression, or, finally, also the hawk's eye, which instead can protect the organ of sight.

These, of course, are just some of the black volcanic stones that can be found in nature. Furthermore, black lava stones can be used to be able to find contact with the past, especially with past generations, that is, with their ancestors, and these stones are also equipped with all the useful and necessary qualities, to be able to absorb excess energies, always making anyone feel good and charged at the right point.

The black volcanic stone is therefore an excellent stone to be able to always bring out the best characteristics of a person.


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