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Chalcedony Bracelet in 925 Silver

Chalcedony Bracelet in 925 Silver

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The term chalcedony indicates all those quartz in the form of compact microcrystalline masses. It usually occurs as sedimentary deposits that form an encrustation or in the form of a crust. The color of this mineral can be uniform or with the characteristic streaks.

If you happen to buy a thinly cut chalcedony you will see how it loses its typical opacity to become semi- transparent .

Chalcedony as I said at the beginning has several sub-varieties. In addition to common chalcedony, blue and yellow, we find agate, carnelian, black onyx, elitropium, jasper, chrysoprase, sardonyx and sardine.

Its color is in fact very variable and depends on the impurities inside its crystal lattice. It can be colorless, black, gray, white, red, green, light blue, blue, purple, yellow, orange… all in different shades.

On an emotional level, chalcedony helps you to reflect on yourself but also on the situations you are experiencing, while always trying to be optimistic. Chalcedony helps to stave off the sense of insecurity and constant worries about a future that exists only in their mind. Basically you can use it for all those excessive emotions, out of control and aimed at things that have not yet come true. For example in case of anxiety, panic attacks or irrational anger.

Let's summarize, it is useful for: being more optimistic, removing insecurity, against fear of public speaking, panic attacks, anxiety, irrational anger.

Chalcedony is one of the best known stones in crystal therapy but often goes unnoticed because it has so many sub-varieties that it confuses us a little. Like agate for example or carnelian, just to name two of the most famous. In turn, however, chalcedony is a quartz, with which it therefore shares many interesting properties. The multitude of colors it can take in nature makes it suitable for working on virtually all seven chakras.

When it comes to this stone, blue chalcedony immediately comes to mind. Long considered a precious lucky charm during travel, in the past, however, people used to wear it to keep false ideas away.


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