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Anahata Bracelet in Natural Stone

Anahata Bracelet in Natural Stone

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Anahata : color and shape of the chakra

The colors associated with the fourth chakra, or Anahata, are pink and green . The chakra is located in the sternum area, in front, and between the shoulder blades, behind.

The corresponding organs are: the heart and the circulatory system, the lungs, the thymus, the upper limbs and the hands.
The corresponding sense is touch .

Anahata : meaning of the chakra

Anahata in Sanskrit means "not struck".

Its main functions are love , compassion , patience and humility . The associated keyword is I LOVE.

Anahata is related to the air element and encompasses the transformation and healing of oneself and others . It is associated with our ability to feel pure and unconditional love, to empathize with everything that exists and to grasp its beauty and perfection, as well as knowing how to take care of ourselves and others.

Anahata asks us for awareness and balance in the perception of relationships and in the relationship with the environment. We discover that the basis of unconditional love is the acceptance of ourselves, as we are, and of others, without wanting to change them. Change can only happen in ourselves, when we have recognized all our aspects, freed the heart from its scars, from emotionally repressed emotional trauma, and embarked on a path of healing. and personal growth.

Through the fourth chakra the three lower chakras (linked to the earth) come into connection with the three higher ones (linked to the sky), the body with the mind, the material realization with the spiritual one: Anahata is the harmony of opposites , the axis central of the Cosmos.

Anahata : chakra imbalance

The disharmonic functioning of Anahata can lead to heart and lung diseases, heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia, asthma.

If there is an excessive functioning of this chakra, on the physical plane there may be a sense of constriction in the chest , difficulty in breathing, arrhythmias, tachycardia and palpitations, however without confirmation in clinical examinations. From a psychological point of view, the emotional investment is so exaggerated as to cause anxiety: the desire to give is intense , but it is never completely disinterested . We tend to love others based on the recognition and gratitude that can be obtained in return, to blame them for our sufferings when our expectations are not fulfilled, to express feelings of hatred, resentment and jealousy.

If, on the other hand, there is insufficient functioning , on a physical level there will be a malfunction of the diaphragm , together with respiratory and heart problems, while from a psychological point of view one will tend to be sorry for oneself, paranoid, indecisive, fear of leaving going or getting hurt, you will feel unworthy of love and full of doubts about your abilities.

The first symptom of an Anahata deficiency is to break down for no reason , the second is the refusal to be touched , to receive expressions of affection. Closed, apparently cold, indifferent, but basically extremely vulnerable, the individual always appears on the defensive: he would like to give love, but the terror of being rejected blocks him, making him feel even more inadequate.
Air is movement , the invisible, and represents the very essence of life : you can breathe well when you have the courage to welcome the energy and face the risk of exploding, screaming and rebelling against the limitations of conditions in which you live. The correct functioning of the lungs presupposes the humility of offering oneself to the world and the confidence to let go, to let the breath out without the fear of emptiness, death, deprivation, loneliness and abandonment.

Anahata: how to rebalance the chakra

To rebalance the fourth chakra , the simplest solution is to perform a meditation lying on the ground, with your eyes closed and with your head facing east, placing the crystals directly on the bare skin in the sternum area. Rock crystals can be used to enhance the effect of the stones, holding them in the hand or arranging them in a circle around the body, with the tips pointing towards the center. Drain and rinse the stones under cold water after use.


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