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Turquoise Ring in 925 Silver

Turquoise Ring in 925 Silver

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Protective amulet already used by the ancient Egyptians 5,000 years ago. Turquoise is a difficult stone to find, above all because there are many excellent imitations on the market, which unfortunately can be misleading.

Supernatural powers are attributed to this stone. In fact, it is said that when its owner is in a dangerous situation, the turquoise changes color precisely to warn him.

One of the most loved “Egyptian” stones, considered capable of protecting not only the owner from spells, but also of watching over him in the afterlife. This explains why a turquoise bracelet was found on the arm of a mummy that is over 5,000 years old. Also in Egypt, turquoise was considered a symbol of the Universe and the Hereafter. Even the American Indians used the turquoise, both as a "currency" of exchange, and as an ornamental stone to embellish and protect tombs and houses. For them, in fact, turquoise represented the spirit of the sea and of the sky incarnate.

Turquoise has a tricline crystal system. Particularly attracted to this stone, those people who tend to see everything in a very subjective way, always from the filter of their feelings. A day can last a blink of an eye or a century.

Turquoise should be used by those people who, precisely because of this great introspection , have come to be insensitive to the suffering of others and no longer want to fight, convinced that there is no longer a chance in life to change their destiny.

On a psychic level, turquoise is considered a stone that promotes harmony of mind and body. It would be able to absorb disturbances and negative waves that can disturb the body and mind. The stone would promote empathy for others. It is the stone of finesse, softness and friendship. Calming anger and emotional excesses would also favor the senses of listening and communication. Lithotherapists recognize the benefits of turquoise for relieving sudden mood changes, reducing fatigue and both physical and emotional exhaustion.

On a karmic level, turquoise would be a good catalyst for the third eye chakra, so it would be useful for meditation and conducive to the development of intuitions. Its inhibitory action would eliminate psychological and energetic blocks, thus allowing a better circulation of energies in the body. The throat and heart chakras would also benefit from turquoise, which would help overcome obstacles to good communication and feelings of sympathy towards others.


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