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Octopus Ring in 925 Silver and Natural Pearl

Octopus Ring in 925 Silver and Natural Pearl

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The symbolism and meanings of the octopus are many and each of them has a long history of research behind it. It must be said that an incalculable number of values is attributed to this animal and that is why we will not consider them all, but only the most common. A quick list of octopus symbols includes: availability, concentration, magic, reason, illusion, defense, mystery, strategy, potential, knowledge, density, creativity, flexibility, expansion, complexity, intelligence, adaptability and unpredictability.

Other values that are intrinsically related to this animal are the world of energies, secrets and consciousness. For those willing to listen and welcome them, the octopus can offer many valuable teachings. The octopus also speaks to us of mystery. Being a sea creature, it also relates to the element of water in terms of purity, psyche, emotion, movement, fluidity, intuition, creativity and flexibility.

Water implies some of these attributes for concrete reasons. The waters are in fact fluid due to the force of gravity exerted by the moon and it is this star that is associated with the psyche, intuition and emotion. The moon and water are also feminine attributes that relate to yin (counterpart of yang). Furthermore, water implies other symbols such as flexibility, adaptability and creativity.

The octopus moves gracefully in these waters which symbolize everything we have said so far. Although the octopus migrates and therefore moves through the waters, it is an animal that prefers to stay in the depths. If we look at its physical conformation, we can obtain other types of information that are equally relevant. From its eyes to its regenerative capacity, the octopus's physique reveals a world of symbolic interpretations.

Octopuses are invertebrates: this means they have no backbone, which is why they relate to agility, grace and flexibility. When it moves from one side to the other, the movement of this animal is truly hypnotic and this reminds us that another element to which it is linked is that of calm, of being relaxed. Furthermore, it is a movement which, despite not being very fast, is nevertheless constant: this fact, if translated into our world, reminds us of the importance of being persevering in fighting to achieve the objectives we wish to achieve.

In case of danger the octopus is able to get rid of one of its extremities: this fact constitutes a precious lesson that teaches us to get rid of what we have in excess to realize our desires and achieve our goals. This is why we must ask ourselves what are those things that we can get rid of because they prevent us from being happy and from reaching our goals, such as, for example, addictions, television and unhealthy relationships.

Octopuses are also the perfect symbol of regeneration: if they are able to get rid of one of their tentacles, they are also able to regenerate them. In relation to the element of regeneration, the symbolism of the octopus has to do with time, unity, cycles, evolution and regeneration.

This reminds us that our essence is never lost. Even the parts that we leave behind or that we abandon (such as the addictions we mentioned earlier) will not remain so forever. We are in fact a synthesis of our parts (best and worst). This is a lesson that we must imprint in the mind, the fact of knowing how to accept ourselves, even in diversity and in all our facets and the fact of knowing how to forgive ourselves.


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