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Peony Ring in 925 Silver

Peony Ring in 925 Silver

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Open and mouldable ring, in 925 Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated

Symbol of love and affection, it is also the bearer of prosperity, honor, valor and nobility of soul. When it is in bloom, it is a bringer of peace. There are three ancient legends about the peony: Asclepius, jealous of his pupil, tried to kill him and Zeus to save him transformed him into the peony plant; in another legend it is said that the peony was born in the place where Diana wept for the death that she herself had given to Orion; finally, a Chinese legend tells of nymphs who used peony petals to hide.

The peony is synonymous with esteem, respect, elegance and a wish for a long life. In the East it is a symbol of luck and a happy marriage. In Europe it is also called rose without thorns and is a symbol of romantic love stories. The peony is given as a gift on the twelfth year of marriage. The flower embodies love, affection and prosperity; it is also a symbol of honor, valor and nobility of soul. When it blooms, the plant is a symbol of peace. In the East its meaning changes: the peony is a symbol of nobility and refinement. In yin and yang the peony positively influences the harmonious life of man and woman. The peony also bodes well for economic prosperity and good fortune in business. In the language of flowers, peony indicates shyness and shame, embarrassment. A peony is given as a gift when you want to be forgiven for something by a loved one.

Peony is the only genus of the Peoniacee family: this family includes both perennial herbaceous species and deciduous shrubs. Herbaceous peonies are of European origin and include the varieties that derive from peonia officinalis: the stems each bear a single unscented flower; there is also a variety deriving from the lactiflora peony, native to Siberia, whose stems bear more flowers with a very decorative rose scent and colors ranging from white to red. Woody or tree peonies are native to China and Japan and are quite hardy plants. They are delicate but easy to grow plants in temperate and arid climates. They resist drought and bloom in spring. Peonies are planted in autumn or even winter, but only if the ground is not frozen. The plant rests to develop roots and prepare for spring flowering. The suitable soil is clayey and rich in humus, without stagnation of water. Peonies love the sun and need to be placed away from other bushes.


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