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Giraffe Ring in 925 Silver and Zircons

Giraffe Ring in 925 Silver and Zircons

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There are some criteria for which, within the animal kingdom, there are animals that reveal their secrets and their symbology in a more obvious way than others. In the case of the giraffe it appears quite obvious what some of the values that identify it may be.

This is demonstrated by one of the physical characteristics of this animal that attracts our attention the most, namely its neck. The action of stretching the typical neck of this animal is a symbol of creating new bonds (in the family, in the community, in the shops). In this sense, the giraffe is the bearer of a message that encourages us to be ourselves and to try to create as many bonds as we can, according to our abilities. The giraffe often reminds us that each of us has extraordinary potential to grow and cope with challenges. Furthermore, the giraffe demonstrates the significance of effort: we must in fact strive to overcome the challenges that arise, always maintaining balance.

Another element related to this creature is sight. Thanks to its long neck, the giraffe can in fact see at a great distance and center its gaze on the horizon, an element also linked to the ability to predict the future, to see beyond.

Another not negligible physical element are the large legs that characterize it. They may seem a sweet and delicate element, but at the same time they constitute an element of protection. The large legs in fact act as protection from any dangers that the neck allows to identify even at a great distance.

Some key words related to this animal are: sight, beauty, mystery, patience, elegance, intuition, perception, protection, discernment, cooperation, frailty and the spirit of collaboration.

If we identify with the giraffe, it is possible that we are people characterized by a remarkable perception or that we are very sensitive about the information we see. Giraffes also possess three horns, which can be considered as a third eye from which skills such as intuition, fine perception and a great sense of awareness derive.

This animal can teach us some very valuable lessons, including the fact that we sometimes allow ourselves to be blinded by the distractions of life when we should instead turn our attention in other directions.

The symbolism and meaning of this animal also has to do with the element of communication. Its neck (especially in males) is an indicator of social status: the stronger, longer and thicker the neck, the more attractive and better the specimen. For this reason the neck, as a physical characteristic, is itself a form of communication. The neck plays an important role as a transit route between what we consume (not only food, but also thoughts) and our body and its energy. We must therefore be able to know how to discern between healthy choices and those that are not for us. Staying on the subject of communication, the giraffe encourages us to have our voice heard, effectively communicating any problems we may have, focusing our strength and attention on the neck and throat.


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