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Butterfly Ring in 925 Silver and Aquamarine Stone

Butterfly Ring in 925 Silver and Aquamarine Stone

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Butterflies are probably the most beautiful insects thanks to the infinite variety of designs and colors that characterize the wings, the most showy part of their body. Flight is their "usual" way of moving: some have a fast and agile flight, others are slow and heavy. The legs are little used for locomotion and are essentially used to cling to the substrate when they rest to rest or to feed.

The mouthparts consist of a sort of proboscis (spirotromba) with which they suck the liquid substances that make up their food. When not in use, the trunk is coiled in a spiral under the head; in many species it reaches a remarkable development, such as to allow the exploration of the deepest corollas.

By resting on flowers, butterflies play a very important role in pollination; they prefer to perch on the flowers or among the vegetables on which the caterpillars feed, but they can also be observed on the trunks and branches of the trees, among the stones, in the threshing floors and in the courtyards of the houses.


Aquamarine is a stone associated with the 5th Chakra, that of the Throat, Vishudda. This stone works a lot on feelings. This stone is connected to the water element. It reduces anger and amplifies empathy and compassion.

It is perfect for all those who do not let themselves be discouraged by the first problem found on the way. At the same time it is also good to be worn by those who let themselves be taken a little too much by discouragement and want to find the tenacity to better fight problems.

On a physical level, Aquamarine improves breathing and helps relieve the typical symptoms of allergies, as it can mitigate the excessive reactivity of the immune system. It is also used to fight infections, dental problems, gums and skin inflammations.

On a mental level it is a profoundly positive stone and is a valuable help if you are trying to overcome a pain that involves you from an emotional point of view. Being a stone linked to the element of water, it will help you manage emotions, mixed feelings and the pain born of losses.


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