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Claws Ring in 925 Silver

Claws Ring in 925 Silver

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Handmade silver ring, open and modelable.

The eagle is a symbol of contemplation and this explains the attribution of the same to St. John and his Gospel, so different from the others. Some medieval works identify it with Christ himself, of whom it represents the Ascension and the Kingship. Finally, the Psalms make it a symbol of spiritual regeneration, like the phoenix.

The eagle, capable of soaring above the clouds and staring at the sun, is universally regarded as a symbol of both celestial and solar and the two aspects can sometimes be confused. The eagle staring at the sun is also the symbol of the direct perception of the light of the intellect.

She is Queen of the skies, queen of all birds, and this completes the symbolism which in general is the same as that of the angels, of the higher spiritual states.

It is associated with the Sun, with the sovereign, with God. (...)

Knowing how to read the flight of eagles had an interpretative value of God's will in Roman and Greek culture: the eagle sleeps on the scepter of Zeus whose will he makes known to men.

Among the Greeks, the eagle was consecrated to Zeus and carried his lightning. When Aphrodite's doves brought ambrosia, the drink of immortality, to the infant Zeus, it was an eagle that handed him the nectar.

Her role as queen of heaven is also recognized by Siberian shamans. For them, the eagle is the father of shamans, God sends men the shamanic gift through the descent of the eagle which impregnates a woman who will give birth to the next shaman who has come to help them.

For the Aztecs it has the same identification with the sun and light as it does for Japan, where the kami had a messenger in the eagle called the celestial sun eagle. In their religion, eagle and jaguar were inseparable and represented the energies of heaven and earth: during the coronation ceremony the emperor leaned on a jaguar skin and sat under eagle feathers.

In the Bible, the eagle is present among the four animals of Ezekiel's vision, as well as several times in John's Apocalypse. Biblical tradition attributes the shapes of an eagle to angels. Such images are expressions of transcendence.
Beginning with St. Irenaeus, tradition attributes the eagle as a symbol to St. John, whose Gospel begins with the knowledge of the Logos-Light.

According to tradition, the eagle has the power to rejuvenate. He exposes himself to the sun and when his feathers begin to burn he throws himself into pure water and thus finds a new youth: a gesture that is comparable to initiation and alchemy, which involve the passage through water and fire.


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