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Tree of Life 925 sterling silver ring

Tree of Life 925 sterling silver ring

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Handmade silver ring, fully modelable and adaptable, symbol of rebirth and inner strength.

Elegant, majestic, lush: the tree of life is a recurring symbol in ancient mythology, a symbol that still fascinates many people today.

Present in different cultures with different names, the tree of life is generally considered to be the source of life, the place from which every living being originates. Life is represented by the 3 elements that make up the tree and each of these represents an aspect of life itself.

  • Roots, to be firm, must go deep.
  • Trunk, solid and resistant, I support several branches.
  • Leaves, numerous.
  • Fruits, abundant only in one period of the year, therefore precious.

By combining these elements, we can read that the tree of life is a kind of wish for a life built on solid roots, which represent family and relationships. A life that he hopes will also be full and rich, like the numerous leaves, and intense, trying to seize the moment, not to miss opportunities, just like ripe fruit.

The tree of life is also accompanied by 4 elements: air, water, earth, fire. These elements support the tree and keep it in contact with the rest of the world: water and the sun (fire) help it grow, the earth feeds it, the air makes it part of nature.

Silver ring, adjustable size. The leaves are composed of a special enamel for jewelry.

Here's how you get it. Enamel is a colored coating that has been used in jewelry for centuries. It consists in the fusion of colored glass on the metal of the jewel, of course only on the part to be colored. The enamel is crushed with a special mortar until the glass is reduced to a powder. At this point it is applied to the silver. Subsequently the jewel is heated to a temperature that reaches up to 900 degrees centigrade. This heat melts the glass powder and turns it into enamel. The jewel is then left to cool slowly.

The tree of life is a symbol of birth and rebirth. It is a wish for those who are about to start a new life: they wish it to be a life based on solid roots and that it is intense.


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