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Koi Carp Earrings in Antique Silver 925

Koi Carp Earrings in Antique Silver 925

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Koi carp, the fish symbol of courage in Japanese culture

The Japanese term koi simply means carp. However, there is a homophone term, which is always pronounced koi and means "love, affection", so in Japan carp are also a symbol of this.

In the oriental culture and more specifically in the Japanese one, the koi carp is a highly appreciated and respected animal, not only for its beauty as a colorful fish but above all because it embodies and symbolizes numerous values and virtues, as well as being the bearer of good luck in general.

The carp ("Koi" in Japanese precisely) is always on the move and is considered one of the fish with more energy and strength.

It is also able to swim against the current, and this is interpreted both as a nonconformist representation (the strength not to go with the current, but to follow one's own path independently from the rest) and as a strength to overcome adversity.

The legend of the koi carp

A Chinese legend (territory of origin of the carp symbol) tells that a brave and persevering carp managed to climb the waterfall located on the Dragon's door, along the Yellow River, overcoming obstacles and evil spirits.

The gods, impressed by so much courage, transformed her into a great dragon acquiring the gift of immortality.

The meaning of this legend underlines that anyone, thanks to willpower and after many efforts and sacrifices, can also reach important results by accomplishing great deeds. In China and especially in Japan, carp is the symbol of courage and perseverance.

Symbology inJapanese culture

In its natural habitat the carp is found and swims in calm waters, but, in artistic representations, it is always represented in motion surrounded by waves of water: this type of representation suggests and recalls the virtue that a true warrior should have: determination.

An important symbol represented is courage: the carp, finding itself on the cutting board waiting to be mutilated and killed, does not move, but remains impassive, proud, recalling the attitude of the samurai awaiting execution.

The koi carp are finally a symbol of affection and friendship.

The Japanese term koi simply means carp. However, there is a homophone term, which is always pronounced koi and means "love, affection", so in Japan carp are also a symbol of this.

Koi and koi tattoos are traditionally considered to be lucky charms.

They are animals with a certain memory and are able to recognize the people who feed them and the place where they usually receive food to such an extent that they can be trained to take food directly from the hands.

In the Far East the carp is an auspicious animal and its image is often used in auspicious expressions, without forgetting that its celebrated longevity makes it an emblem of long life. Depicted on the roofs of houses, its image protects against fires.

In Japan the carp is also a symbol of bold manhood and in particular it is the emblem of children.

On the day of the festival dedicated to them, in May, carp (made of paper or fabric) are hung on the top of a pole or on the roofs of houses.


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