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Magnolia Earrings in 925 Silver

Magnolia Earrings in 925 Silver

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In the symbolism of flowers, the meaning of Magnolia is interesting, a genus of plants belonging to the Magnoliaceae family which includes over 80 species both arboreal and shrub and which can exceed 20 meters in height.

Magnolias are very beautiful trees to look at with elliptical leaves of dark green color and beautiful large, showy flowers, white or pink in color and with an intense fragrance. Before knowing the meaning of Magnolia it is useful to know that this wonderful plant owes its name to Pierre Magnol a French physician and botanist and, moreover, Magnolia has very ancient origins and can be found in different parts of the world, from America to Asia.

The meaning of the Magnolia

Initially, when imported to Europe, Magnolias were considered very delicate and difficult to adapt plants, until a botanist tried to plant it in his garden and managed to make it live for over 100 years. As symbolism and meaning, the Magnolia is a symbol of dignity and perseverance and legend has it that originally the Magnolia was a plant formed by a sort of "two magnolias". One was external and one internal, in the shape of a star, which symbolized the soul, the heart of the plant.

The legend continues by saying that one day the inner Magnolia, the star-shaped one, fell in love with a yellow Azalea and reached out so far towards her that it split in two. This is why, since then, tradition has it that there are two magnolias, one normal and one starry.


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