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Rose Flower 925 sterling silver earrings

Rose Flower 925 sterling silver earrings

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Rose meanings have fascinated almost every culture for centuries. Although red roses are commonly known to symbolise love and romance, there’s much more to roses than meets the eye. In fact, each rose colour has a different meaning, and these meanings can be used to unveil different layers of rose symbolism. No matter whether you’re trying to express love, joy, friendship or sadness, a rose will be able to convey the perfect sentiment. If you’ve found yourself asking what a rose symbolises, take a look at our guide to rose meaning to pick your perfect bouquet. Red Roses Most of us are familiar with what the red rose means, having been used across cultures to represent love and romance for centuries. Red roses are commonly thought to be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and have a classy and elegant look that makes them a classic symbol for “I love you”. The meaning of red roses is universally understood to be love and passion. However, even within red roses there are rose colour meanings to be explored. A deep red rose is often thought to mean that you are ready for commitment, and can symbolise a deeper bond than lighter coloured red roses which are said to symbolise passion and desire. Whatever your romantic message, red roses are just the thing to make a big gesture to your partner with.

Pink roses The meaning of pink roses is gratitude and admiration. They’re the perfect choice for the people you appreciate most, like your friends, siblings or teachers. Pink roses can also represent femininity and elegance, which makes them perfect for events like engagement parties, proms and baby showers for a baby girl. As with red roses, pink rose symbolism can vary with hot pink expressing recognition and appreciation and lighter pink being used to symbolise grace and joy as well as gratitude. Peach Roses The meaning of peach roses is gratitude. Their lovely tone and pale colour matches lots of interiors, making them a lovely gift. If you’re looking for a thank-you gift, look no further!

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