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Anemone Hair Clip in 925 Silver and Garnet

Anemone Hair Clip in 925 Silver and Garnet

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The meaning and symbolism of the Anemone

The Anemone is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Ranunculaceae family. Originally from South Africa or South America, it is also called the Flower of the Wind due to the fragility of its corollas. Among the most cultivated species in the gardens we find the Anemone japonica with summer-autumn flowering with large flowering stems of over 1 m. These appear branched and have leaves, which bear large red, white or pinkish flowers.

The plant can reach a meter in height and the color of the petals of the delicate flower can vary from white to purple , from yellow to red through blue . It prefers shady and cool places and multiplies in spring by cutting or by division of the tufts. Flowering usually has a very short duration.

The properties of the Anemone

It is a slightly toxic plant that irritates the mucous membranes of grazing livestock but, once dried, this not only takes on antidepressant properties but soothes problems in both the urinary and digestive systems. Furthermore, it can be useful against insomnia and the onset of ear infections.

The meaning of the Anemone

The Anemone represents the ephemeral and abandonment , a love betrayed a misplaced hope, it is given when you want to point out to someone that you are being neglected; especially in love, but not only, even a friend can use this flower to show their feeling abandoned.

In mythology Anemone was one of Flora's nymphs, who was so jealous of the love that Zeffiro and Borea felt for Anemone , that she transformed it into a delicate flower condemned to wither prematurely, while its petals were hovered in the cold north wind still before the other spring flowers could enjoy its beauty.

A Christian legend instead tells that the red Anemones were born from the blood fallen at the foot of the cross of Christ.


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