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Spider Charm in Silver 925

Spider Charm in Silver 925

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The spider is an ancient symbol of creation, creativity and hard work.

In ancient Indian tradition they allegorically called him Brahma - the creator of all things - the spider that weaves the web of the world. On the one hand, the spider as a defender of the people, a wonderful savior , protector of the hearth. On the other hand, it is associated with cruelty, greed, betrayal. The positive value of spiders was reflected in the myths about spiders , which had taught people the craft and the art of weaving .

According to legend, the spider saved David, Jesus Christ, the prophet Mohammed from enemies.

The motif of the cobwebs which represent a principle of safeguarding, leading the hero to a dangerous place, helping him to ascend to the sky , and then making him descend safely is widely used. The spider was widely used in black and white magic . The amulets and pendants with the symbols of the spider cause the owner to interfere in the life of dark forces.

Nowadays, the spider is an unequivocal symbol of phobias, however, thanks to its ability to weave a web, it represents the complexity of life and destiny . Since the web starts from the center and spreads out from the spider's mouth, in some cultures it is considered a symbol of the sun and the creation of life. Due to the intricacy of the web, and its similarities to a Celtic maze, the web represents obstacles that must be overcome by man. In ancient Egypt and ancient Greece the spider web also symbolized destiny, in Hinduism - the cosmic order, the spider was considered as the center or by the ancient Maya - the illusion of weaving, in Oceania, and in certain tribes of America, the spider was revered as the creator of the Universe , the Australian aborigines worshiped the spider as big as a solar hero, and in some African and North American tribes it was believed that the spider was a deceiver. In Christianity, the spider web is the symbolic expression of the frailty and transience of human life, and the sticky web represents the devil's trap for those who lose control and identify the spider with Satan and evil. The twist of the spider in the web, when it destroys the helpless victim, is identified with the terrible Great Mother, who creates and destroys. In Christianity, the spider represents the miser who sucks his prey drop by drop. The Japanese believe that female spiders represent the trap for travelers, the bad spider is a dangerous werewolf. Despite all the unflattering qualities attributed to the spider, killing it is believed to bring bad luck. Only the ancient Romans revered the spider as a talisman of luck and prosperity.


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