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Crocodile Charm in 925 Silver and Zircons

Crocodile Charm in 925 Silver and Zircons

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It is the image of power over life and death.

Like other reptiles , the crocodile is connected to the lower world , the bearer of chthonic forces; as such, it is associated with death and fertility.

In ancient Egypt, the term crocodile also had the meaning of ferocity and anger; on the other hand, this reptile was associated with the life itself of the Egyptians, due to their presence in the Nile; it was also seen as a symbol of abundance and fertility.

Sebek, God of water and floods of the Nile, was depicted with the likeness of a crocodile or a man with a crocodile 's head; he was convinced that he discouraged the forces of darkness ; and he was also the protector of gods and men.

The sacred animal in Sebek was a crocodile.

The lake adjacent to the main sanctuary of the god Sebek was believed to house the crocodile Petsuhos, as a living incarnation of the same god.

Sebek's admirers, in search of his protection, drank the water from the lake and fed the crocodile with delicious food.

A medieval theologian in the treatise "On the nature of things" wrote: "The crocodile is a large water snake, dangerous for the buffalo".

The crocodile is a large reptile with a prehistoric appearance.

It is, in fact, a very ancient animal which, albeit with many modifications aimed at adaptation, survives since the Triassic.

Several species are known and are present, with different names, in all continents except Europe. The crocodile proper lives in Africa and southern Asia; the gharial in India, the alligator in America and China, the caiman in Brazil and South America.

When he is young he eats fish while as an adult he eats animals and also men. Although he has a decent row of teeth, he does not chew food so after a large meal he is reduced to a sort of numbness.

As a result of this he has learned that putrid meat is certainly better digestible and therefore it easily feeds on carrion performing a very important scavenger function for the ecosystem.

Slow, silent and treacherous, it lives in rivers or near estuaries, marshes or lagoons. Its hunting method is infallible: after eyeing the target, it jumps out of the water and with a quick movement, after grabbing the prey, lowers its upper jaw to sink again.

The characteristic of belonging to both the earth and water kingdoms makes it the symbol of fundamental contradictions.

It stirs in the mud from which a rich and luxuriant vegetation originates: this is why it is considered a symbol of fertility. But then, due to his particular way of killing, stealthy and suddenly, he represents evil.

Lord of the mysteries of life and death, he is also lord of occult knowledge, a symbol of light that alternately eclipses and dazzles.

It is above all in Ancient Egypt that this animal is a powerful symbol: Sobek, son of Neith, is the lord of waters and fish and reigns supreme where land and water unite; endowed with an uncommon vitality, it represents the energy of water. But it is also the archetype of the Devourer: insatiable, cold and bloodthirsty, it inexorably devours time and space, as well as the souls who do not know how to justify their actions.

Wizards fear him but also use his strength.


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