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925 Sterling Silver Chinchilla Donut Charm

925 Sterling Silver Chinchilla Donut Charm

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The chinchilla, a nice rodent who loves family life, stands out among all rodents for its very sweet and calm character. It is an animal that lends itself very well to living with people but is also independent to the point of deciding how to interact with the human being: it is he who chooses when and how much to be pampered.

This type of rodent has a character that can vary from specimen to specimen but if you want to make it a pet it is very important to get used to cuddling from a puppy.

It is an animal that sleeps a lot during the day, often as close as possible to its owners, and wakes up in the evening willing to explore all that surrounds it. It is an explorer rodent and is a particularly curious animal, capable of slipping into every nook and cranny in search of novelty.

The Chinchilla was originally a wild rodent, endemic to South America. Today it lives in small groups scattered in the Andes in Chile, Bolivia and Peru or in rocky areas with scarce vegetation. This rodent takes its name from a tribe, called Chibca, which occupied Bolivian territory and hunted them for their precious fur.

The name Chinchilla also seems to have a second origin. It derives from “Chinche” which in Spanish means bedbug, therefore it is translated as “animal with a bad smell”, but in reality the chinchilla does not give off any unpleasant smell.

Chinchilla: fur and risk of extinction

Even the natives themselves took animals to make fur: some representations of religious rites in which the Inca priests wore sumptuous furs testify to this. Their withdrawals, however, were not such as to bring the chinchillas to the brink of extinction.

One of the main causes of the risk of extinction of this species dates back to the sixteenth century, when the interest in its fur became increasingly strong.

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