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Fox Ring in Silver 925

Fox Ring in Silver 925

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Handmade silver ring, fully modelable and adjustable.

The meaning of the most powerful fox , which is evoked in the minds of all of us practically in an immediate way, is that of cunning. The fox symbolizes more than any other animal shrewdness and knowing how to move even in situations and environments considered dangerous by others. It is difficult for this animal to act with bad intentions , it is rather moved by the desire to follow its own interest, without worrying about others. At least according to Native American beliefs. However, these people also see the fox as a symbol of wisdom .

It must be admitted that the fox's symbology cannot be reduced to its intelligent and alert nature. It would mean belittling the teaching this animal can give us. We have before us an animal capable of getting out of problems with disarming ease for us. She ventures into unknown places, making the night an ally that guarantees her to be able to act undisturbed. It is full of vitality and represents sexuality and seduction. He is skilled and shrewd, according to some he is also a symbol of luck. We can learn a lot if we stop and observe the fox's behaviors.

Meaning of the fox

What is the significance of the fox in various peoples?

The fox takes on a very deep meaning in Japan . The Kitsune (which actually means Fox) are in fact seen as very powerful spiritual beings, but we will deepen this in a moment.

In European folklore it is seen as a symbol of cunning. When it has a red cloak it represents sexual strength . In Christianity the fox is, due to that Greco-Roman legend that sees the fox as a grape thief, considered greedy, sinful and heretic. As a very clever animal, it often pretends to be dead in order to lure its prey towards it. This attack technique made him assimilate to Satan.

In Korea , the fox is associated with the figure of the Kumiho, the nine-tailed fox that can live up to 1000 years. It takes on a decidedly negative connotation and is in fact seen as being malignant.

In China they also believed that the fox was capable of making a person understand that it was time to move on to the next life. Some spirits according to Chinese beliefs incarnate into foxes. For the Celts he is a guide in the world of spirits, but not only, he also guides in the woods and forests.

In Japan they believe that the black fox brings good luck, the white one disgrace. Three foxes together bring misfortune. Now let's deepen the symbology of the fox in Japan, analyzing better the kitsune.

The art of changing the shape of the fox, its nature of changing shape.

According to Japanese, Chinese, Indian and North American legends, the fox has the power to change its appearance . This belief has its roots in an irrefutable truth. As we all know, the arctic fox changes the color of its coat according to the season, so as to adapt to the environment. Here comes the legends and assumptions that foxes can turn into whatever they want.

Foxes are mainly transformed into women, so as to seduce and deceive poor passers-by. Some techniques have been traced to "unmask" this scam. First of all, foxes are unable to mask their tails. Then, the feminine features are sharp, the eyes very close and the cheekbones high. The hair on the body is reddish and can be noticed if we look at the person from a certain angle.

The 3 main teachings of the fox

    1. Don't let yourself be taken aback and learn to pick up the signals and the next move of the enemy.
    2. Learn to avoid problems and solve them more lightly, without worrying about them ahead of time.
    3. Hone your intellect, culture will often prove to be the best weapon at your disposal.


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