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Cobra Snake Ring in Antique Silver 925

Cobra Snake Ring in Antique Silver 925

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Handmade ring completely adaptable and modelable.

Sensitive to low frequency vibrations, the Cobra first senses when the earth is shaking, which is why it is the symbol of the secret mysteries of knowledge .

Its eyes equipped with membranes do not blink, so the Cobra on the forehead of the Egyptian pharaoh, like a supernatural guardian, evokes the eye of the unconscious that sees where the conscious does not reach.

Brave and terrifying, Cobras emerge from the rocks or from the darkness of the psyche with unexpected and sudden manifestations. This means that if we allow ego authority to govern the unconscious, the latter could raise instinctive forces in opposition, veritable poisonous attacks on ourselves. As is well known, snake venom can kill, but at the same time it has extraordinary therapeutic abilities, which is why snakes are precious allies in the healing process .

The Cobra has the ability to destroy disease as well as a negative habits pattern. The snake is therefore endowed with the power of life and death, and this makes it a symbol of immortality , of infinity , as time is transformed into eternity which in turn gives life to time again.

The shedding of the skin to which snakes are subjected symbolizes the principle of renewal and continuity of time.

In Tantric traditions the snake represents the female Cosmic Energy that unfolds from the base of the ascending spine along the chakras (the energy centers of the body) to reach our higher Self, connecting our heart to cosmic consciousness. In particular, the Cobra in the act of unfolding the hood embodies the vital instinctive sensuality .


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