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Bat Ring in Antique Silver 925

Bat Ring in Antique Silver 925

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Around his figure, myths and legends have been built regarding immortal beings, divinities, magical rites. It was, in fact, used as an amulet or dismembered to use its parts during various spells. His body was used to create healing potions. In fact, his blood was used to treat skin diseases and various intestinal diseases. The Bat, like many other animals, was also of great importance to Native Americans. These invoked his energy to obtain intuition and vision through the dream (or trans state).

For this reason the shamans invoked the spirit of this nocturnal animal also for the initiation rite. In this rite, the future spiritual guide of the community overcame the barriers of illusion to access knowledge. Finally, he returned as a sage (inwardly enlightened) and as a point of reference for the whole tribe.


Meaning of the Bat

In Chinese culture, the Bat has always been a symbol of long life and prosperity. In the Maya and Aztec tribes, however, he was worshiped as a deity. Due to the fact that it lives in caves to resurface every evening at dusk, this animal is also seen as a symbol of rebirth and inner depth. Those who have the Bat as a totem animal are extremely sensitive to the emotions of others. At the same time, however, they are endowed with great psychic faculties and possess the gift of clairvoyance.

People with the Bat totem will always be pushed to progress spiritually and to free themselves from all those personal and life conditions that prevent this process. This could lead to considerable suffering: you will experience a certain period in which you will have the sensation of inner "death", which then, properly elaborated to a state of consciousness, will lead to new life (rebirth).


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