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Wings Ring in 925 Silver

Wings Ring in 925 Silver

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Wings Ring in 925 Silver

The wings, in addition to having the most common meaning, namely that of flight, also symbolize freedom and independence . This strong symbolism is an inherent status in the nature of every human being and for this reason it falls into the category of the most requested tattoos nowadays . The wings that characterize all winged creatures are seen as a divine element and are a spiritual gift of human beings.


The wings are often associated with angels who are a symbol of purity rich in sacredness, or with a demon , a subject that represents the sense of rebellion towards something that oppresses us, Furthermore, the wings are also associated with mythological figures such as dragons (symbol of strength ) or to the fairies who represent the fantasy and background of fairy tales. The concept of freedom, however, is a topic of all figures.

The wings also symbolize spirituality, imagination, thoughts that fly towards infinity. The desire to escape. They are also a symbol of intelligence, according to which the mind makes pindaric flights where no one can get. Those who choose wings as a tattoo in addition to these meanings may also want to express the sense of fame, ingenuity, glory or a ransom towards someone who wanted to clip our wings and therefore weaken us.


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