Larimar is a mineral species that belongs to the pectolite family. The color of the larimar can be white, but it usually has a hue ranging from turquoise blue to dark blue. The stone often has light veins (white when it is a blue stone).

Larimar belongs to the so-called triclinic crystal system. Its average hardness is between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale.

Larimar is a rather rare stone, as it is found in only one place in the world in the Dominican Republic.


History of the larimar

Larimar is one of these stones that was recently discovered. Officially, the larimar was discovered a little over thirty years ago, more precisely in 1974.

The first exploitation of the stone began only two years later. We owe the name of the stone to Miguel Mendez. The word larimar is in fact composed of the half of the first name of Mendez's daughter who was called Larissa in the word "mar", which in Spanish means sea.

Larimar has been the subject of a particular craze especially in these "New Age" circles, who think there is a link between the stone and the legendary Atlantis. Today the larimar is used in jewelry to make bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants.

In addition to its rarity, the particular and attractive color of the larimar is the first factor that explains its success among lovers of beautiful stones.


Properties of the larimar

Larimar appears to have several physical virtues. Connoisseurs of lithotherapy attribute to the stone great virtues for calming migraines and joint pains.

As a calming stone, larimar would relieve stress and nervous tension. It is also highly recommended for convalescents, as it would promote self-healing. Larimar would also be beneficial for women who have just given birth, helping them recover from fatigue and encourage milk flow.

On the psychic level, the larimar is a stone of spiritual and emotional harmony that would spread waves of positive energy allowing the flowering and balance of the being. Larimar would bring peace and quiet to supplant anger and nervousness.

Ideal for meditation, the larimar would also install serenity and concentration for the mind in order to achieve higher levels of enlightenment. Stone of inspiration and fantasy, it would be ideal for artists.

On a karmic level, the larimar would be conducive to the throat chakra. It would also have benefits for other chakras because larimar actively acts on the body's vital energy points. The larimar astrological signs of predilection are Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Purification of the larimar is carried out quite regularly (at least once a week) with running water. To recharge the stone, a slight exposure to daylight should restore all its soft strength.

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