Corallo Rosso

Red Coral

There property most famous of the red coral is undoubtedly that protective . Just think for example of the famous coral horns. They were used for example to protect themselves from witch bills, from the evil eye or simply from bad luck. You probably remember it in your mother's or grandmother's house. Having a red coral horn in the house was in a sense a way of protecting one's home from spirits, but also from negative people who hid behind the mask of a "friend".

Finding a real one is not as easy as it was in the past, when red coral fishing was undoubtedly facilitated by the fact that it still populated our seas in abundance. Today the coral is expensive and for this reason it is easy to fall into scams and imitations.

So be careful when buying!

In the past, red coral, as well as pink coral, was widely used during some types of religious rites. It was as widespread in the East as it was in the West and its purpose was often to help the participant harmonize with the religious ritual and cycles of nature themselves.

Benefits for the mind

The benefits that red coral has on mental and emotional sphere they are probably the ones I like the most. First of all it helps you to accept the change, to live it no longer as a negative experience but rather as a growth experience.

If you think about its protective effect against curses and negativity under a psychic key, you realize how the red coral in truth can be a powerful ally also to keep away the nervousness, the uncontrolled fear (like that of death) or the phobias themselves. It therefore helps you to fight negativity , to live your life with more serenity.

In fact, remember that this coral is “red” and therefore it aligns well with the vibrations of the lower chakras. Therefore work on primal fears, instincts, but also the field of sexuality.

By analyzing the properties of red coral from a strictly point of view physical , we see that it brings benefits in a few fields, but it knows how to do it well.

The red coral mineral is considered to be one of the most powerful remedies in the field of crystal therapy when it comes to balancing blood circulation. You may therefore consider wearing it if you suffer from poor circulation (such as broken capillaries, varicose veins etc). Generally considered useful even for those suffering from anemia .

Not only that, being the red coral that wears the same bone structure of the animal that previously populated coral reefs, it is thought for the theory of "like attracts like", which can strengthen the bone structure and joints in general.

Benefits for the spirit

On a spiritual level I suggest that you use red coral more than anything else in the sessions of crystal therapy. This is because it is a valid support to clean the aura of those energy blocks that prevent you from progressing as you would like in life. It gives you balance between the opposites in your life. Between good and evil, happiness and sadness, love and hate. Finally it is believed that the red coral brings peace of mind and speeds up the transfer of knowledge.

Red coral, how to use it

Now that you understand its potential, I'll briefly explain how you can use it. Find below a summary scheme.

  • Hanging it near the door of the house , it helps you to keep away not only evil spirits but also all those people who have a negative influence on your life.
  • Wear it as a pendant to improve blood circulation and strengthen your joints.
  • Use it in one crystal therapy session with the purpose of purifying the aura. For example, you can use a red crystal wand to make the task easier.

How to clean, purify and charge red coral

Red coral obviously likes to be purified in the water . I believe that this will be one of the very few times, if not perhaps the last, that I suggest the method of purification with water and salt, since the saline environment is its natural habitat.

To charge it instead, you can decide for example to expose it under the sun's rays, or you can perform a Reiki treatment on the plant yourself. For cleaning instead, I suggest you wash it carefully and dry it well immediately afterwards.

How to recognize red coral

Ok, now we come to the biggest question mark of all. How do you recognize real coral from fake coral? It's not always easy, especially as many companies are drawing more and more into trying to improve their imitation style.

There is one thing to say. An imitation proposes almost always a red coral with a perfect color . On the other hand, natural coral often has small imperfections and changes in heat. This is already the first yardstick that you should take into consideration, but it is also true that there are precious corals whose color is perfectly uniform (but remember that this aspect also increases its value).

The first test you can do is to touch a coral . If you feel some heat when touching it or bringing it to the cheek, for example, it means that it is plastic or at best coral paste. Natural red coral, on the other hand, is cold. This method of course you can use it even before the purchase, the second which is more specific, no.

The second method is to use a cotton cloth with a little extra virgin olive oil and rub it gently so as to sprinkle it with oil. Let it rest and after 20 minutes proceed with a clean cloth to clean it. If you see that its color is much more vivid, you have an authentic coral in your hands, otherwise once cleaned it will become opaque.

Combinations with other stones

For example, red coral can be used in combination with black tourmaline if you want to enhance its protective effect. Or with rock crystal if you want to enhance it from the point of view of the effects it has on your psyche and the possibility of definitively fighting your fears.

The red coral it has long been considered sacred in the continent of Africa and Asia. According to the Arabs, for example, it manages to lead the person on the path to happiness. It is no coincidence that there was the custom of giving a newborn baby a small coral pendant so from wish him serenity and happiness.

In Europe too we actually find this tradition again. In the past it was customary to give red coral both to wish good luck and happiness, and to protect children.

Also famous in Egypt for its ability, it is said, to protect crops. We find this protective spirit of his again among the Gallic people, it was the sacred mineral to goddess Nehalennia , protector of sea travelers. Sailors and all those who moved by sea in fact, it is said that they brought with them a red coral to obtain its blessing and protection during the voyage.

According to popular traditions then, among the Romans there was the habit of women to wear red coral earrings when they were trying to attract love into their life. In fact, red coral was also sacred to Turan (Etruscan), Venus (Roman) and Oshun (African), all gods of love for their peoples.

The coral it is also found in Christian symbolism, where it represented the blood of Christ and was in fact used for the construction of the reliquaries of the Cross. It symbolized the dual nature of Christ, half human and half divine.

A little bit of mineralogy

As I mentioned earlier, red coral is not a stone, but falls into the category of sea ​​animals. It is in fact a octocorallo , that is a colony of peoples whose appearance is arborescent. It belongs to the Corallidae family and is quite widespread both in the eastern Atlantic and in the Mediterranean Sea.

The red coral it is the only coral to live in the Mediterranean . One finds for example Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Greece and Tunisia. However, it is also widespread in the Atlantic Sea, as in Portugal and the Canaries.

The is located between 30 and 200 meters deep, in places that remain somewhat hidden in the darkness and with little vegetation, such as overhangs and semi-dark caves.

It also needs that the salinity of the water is always constant and remains between 28% and 40%. Furthermore, there must not be much current, as well as a high rate of suspended sediment.

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