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Lava stone

Properties of lava stone

Lava stone is formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic magma once it emerges on the earth's surface. This dark volcanic rock is commonly known as Basalt.

The composition of the lava stone varies according to the type of lava, and also the type of volcano that releases it, which can be effusive or explosive. Lava stone is perhaps one of the most widespread stones in the world, as it forms much of the oceanic crust. Very hard stone, it has colors ranging from light gray to dark gray to black. The hue of the stone varies greatly depending on its chemical composition and the additives that enter the composition of the lava stone.

Lava stone deposits are found wherever there are volcanoes. There are large basaltic effluxes in France, especially in Auvergne, India, in the United States near Mount Saint Helena or in Hawaii for example, in several African countries, etc ...


History of the lava stone

An infinity of legends and myths connect man to volcanoes. The reference to volcanic eruptions as a result of divine wrath, or a supernatural event, is almost a constant in cultures around the world.

From Hawaii to the island of Java, from Iceland to African lands, man has always imagined that a mystique is created to explain the wrath of volcanoes. These powerful and mysterious events led to the formation of a stone, often black and charged with the energy of the earth that repelled it. Lava stone is often considered a rock that contains all the power and energy of fire.

Nowadays, the uses of lava stone are very varied. It is widely used in various industrial sectors for some types of mortars or as a building stone or as an ornamental stone for buildings, etc ... Some craftsmen also use lava stone to make very creative jewelry, which today is a great success among lovers stone and lithotherapy enthusiasts.


Virtue of lava stone

Physically, lithotherapy specialists agree that lava stone is a hot stone. It has the power to retain and diffuse heat in a delicate and balanced way to the organs of the body with which it comes into contact. It is not uncommon to use lava stone to relax muscles and relieve tension of all kinds, be they muscular or nervous. Lava stone would also have the virtue of revitalizing the organs and strengthening the functions of the organism thanks to its mineralogical properties.

On a psychic level, the lava stone is considered to be a magnetic stone that draws its power from the telluric energy coming from mother earth. The natural magnetism of the lava stone positively influences and protects the wearer, giving strength and courage to face the difficulties of everyday life.

As a stone of psychic reconstruction, it helps to recover from trauma and to control negative and excessive emotions such as anger. It also helps self-knowledge to evolve better by overcoming the unconscious blocks.

Lava stone is also a root stone that brings both physical and mental strength and stability. His favorite chakras are the Root chakra, the Sacred chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra.

To purify the lava stone, it must be immersed for a few hours in lightly salted distilled water. Like all black stones, its recharge occurs by exposure to the sun's rays, ideally on a pile of crystals.

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