The epidote it is a stone that can be pistachio green, gray or black. It is found in igneous rocks. It is generated through the hydrothermal process in the cracks. Those of metamorphic origin is a mineral present in basic rocks that contain a lot of calcium and aluminum.

The epidote when mixed with red feldspar gives rise to unakite. The epidote is found in nature in squat or prismatic crystals. The main European mines are located in Austria, Switzerland, Norway and France. In Italy it can be found in Valle d'Aosta. There are also mines in America in Alaska, California, Colorado and Mexico.

Epidote is an excellent stone. It is in fact used a lot in crystal therapy and finds his because it is in the spiritual, mental and physical sphere.

Benefits for the spirit

Use the epidote if you suspect that your life is negatively affected by some preconceived ideas. It allows you to get rid of it. Thanks to its use you can clarify yourself, understand which are the positive aspects of your life and which instead, the negative ones. If you feel the desire to change but just can't find the courage, the epidote helps you in this. Stimulates mental images of tranquility in meditation, helps you focus on the here and now. It is a stone often used when there is a need to regenerate.

Benefits for the mind

  • It helps you to recover your lost faculties, serenity, the desire to fight.
  • Put it under the pillow if you can't sleep well, it improves rest and above all the recovery of physical and mental energies.
  • Wear it if you have to overcome serious illnesses, both physical and mental.
  • It allows you to process those painful memories that until now have not allowed you to move forward with serenity.
  • Against sadness, resentment and resentment. Transform negative emotions so that you can use them for good purposes in your life.
  • It helps you to see an opportunity in failure, that of growth. You will never make the same mistakes again.
  • Use it if you are a student or need to attend an important meeting. Improve attention and performance.
  • Wear it, you will be more objective towards what your real abilities are. Knowing your limits you will be ready to delegate.

Benefits for the body

It also helps on a physical level. First, it is said that the epidote can help stimulate the immune processes. It allows you to heal earlier, alongside traditional medicine. Promotes liver functions, especially liver production. Improve digestion.

3 uses of the epidote

1. In meditation

Use the epidote during meditation practice, it stimulates the flowering of symbolic images that can help you find a solution to your problem. It also helps us focus in the present.

2. Put it under the pillow

It helps you sleep better, by putting it under your pillow you can sleep much better at night and thus charge you with energy.

3. Wear it

Wear it if you want to be more objective and try to recognize your real abilities. Knowing what your limits are is very important for moving forward and knowing how to ask for help.

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