Property of the Charoite

The Charoite was discovered in the mid-twentieth century and its name derives from the Chara River that flows in Yakutia (Siberia).
Being a very recent stone, its properties are still to be fully discovered. But remember that no stone will work for you: the willingness to change and healing is always a key element!

Its energy is clearly Yin, introspective, but unlike the uplifting Amethyst, the Charoite ground the energies to the ground .
The presence of black in its shades and its opacity characterize it precisely for this much more earthly aspect.

Pietra viola russa Benefits for the body

The purple color of the Charoite helps reduce stress relaxing the nervous system. It has a particularly purifying effect on the endocrine glands.
It also reduces inflammation, relieves cramps and has an antispastic and calming action, very suitable for disorders of the vegetative system.
La Charoite relieves headaches , and its calming effect ensures a restful sleep driving away the nightmares.

Benefits for the mind

La Charoite helps overcome resistance to major changes in life. When you feel tense and worried, brings calm and security , freeing you from external conditioning.

Promotes self-observation by developing attention to detail.
Strengthens character and self-esteem, leading to a high decision-making ability when we tend to postpone choices, or when we feel overwhelmed by the weight of unresolved problems to which a solution must be found.

Pietre dure viola Benefits for the spirit

The Charoite stimulates the clairvoyance and facilitates the remembrance of past lives and related karma. It awakens intuition and the desire to progress spiritually, helping to understand the lessons of life in a positive and constructive way.
It is a stone mainly for evolutionary use as it helps become aware of fears more deeply rooted, allowing their release and healing.

Charoite can be used to purify the aura as it is dispels disharmony , negativity and psychic entities.
It dissolves energy stagnations by anchoring the Light in the physical body, favoring the expression of creativity, free from any fear and preconception.
In this sense it acts on the sixth chakra freeing the mind from all kinds of conditioning limiting that bind to fear, the idea of ​​sin and the sense of guilt, all factors that prevent the complete manifestation of one's innate potential.

It allows one to realize oneself on this Earth in a deeper way, generating a spiritual approach to daily life .
The Charoite helps to distinguish what is authentic from what is illusory, outside and inside oneself, that is, to choose between “being” and “appearing” in the behaviors we usually have in interpersonal relationships.

Charoite sfera Legends about the Charoite

The legends that have come down to us are very few as there are no written sources that clearly speak of them.
However, it is known that the Mongols of Asia used it to protect the house and in tea infusions. The drink was then consumed by all family members in order to strengthen family ties as well chase away harmful spirits to health.

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