Calcite gialla

Yellow calcite

There calcite , owes its name to the Latin word "calx" which means "lime", since for calcite the main component is limestone.

There is a profound link between the yellow calcite stone and that of the animal and plant kingdoms and in all of nature, the real ability to move forward despite external influences by taking an active part in what we are creating in our life.

The yellow calcite stone is well known for its propensity for purification, cleansing, and in harmony with the regenerating and revitalizing power of nature itself.

Yellow calcite is used to remove the old patterns (blocks) of the old stagnant energy in us and to increase personal motivation and a sense of unity.

Yellow calcite is an excellent stone for the study of the arts and sciences, and for amplifying and increasing any type of energy, thanks to the double refractive properties discovered in the stone in 1669 by Erasmus Bartholinus.

Yellow calcite can help bones and joints, and balances the amount of calcium in the body, helping to improve the absorption of important vitamins and minerals in the body.

Yellow calcite is one of the stones or crystals used in the crystal therapy for the harmonization of the energy states of the individual.

The stones have many characteristics that distinguish them from each other among all there are 2:

  • color
  • shape

The yellow color and therefore also the yellow calcite is a stone that vibrates in harmony with the energies of the 3rd chakra

The use of stones is very diversified:

You can use:

  • for the momentary state of the person (personality)
  • with the precise awareness of supporting the soul evolution of the person
  • the personal birthstone (the one closest to the entire evolutionary path of the soul, from the beginning to the end of its incarnation)

Two very different concepts on which to bring the right attention when with the crystal-therapist it is decided to bring a path of awareness and energetic re-harmonization.

What are the soul functions of yellow calcite?

Calcite in general, depending on the colors, has multiple functions. It acts mainly on the mental plane and that yellow and orange I'm from great help when tensions block the emotional, creative and vital body.

It favors a more rational, objective and clear vision of oneself and others. It amplifies the ability to overcome the reactions and emotions of the moment, to approach one's inner wisdom

Consequently, it amplifies the management of instinctive re-actions to direct them to soul actions therefore more aware and fair.

Benefits for the body

Yellow calcite is very useful for attenuating and harmonizing excess energies in cases of minor food allergies.

By acting on the solar plexus, it comes into contact with all the main organs of processing and assimilation, such as: stomach and intestine.

Due to its mineral properties (calcium carbonate) it is also used for a healthy and harmonized bone growth.

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