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Octopus Earrings in Antique Silver 925

Octopus Earrings in Antique Silver 925

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Diverse and impressive, octopus meaning and animal symbolism requires years of exploration and demands innumerable pages of symbolic explanation. Truth be known, I’ve got a soft spot for the octopus. She’s come to me on several occasions, imparting much needed and (to me) sacred insight. The following bullet-points and paragraphs detail some of these insights on a symbolic, spiritual, energetic level. Because of her endless attributes, I’ve provided only a few areas of contemplation here. But seriously, octopus meaning is so vast, it deserves a book for all its symbolic implications! If you are drawn to the octopus, I encourage you to begin your own personal journey to tap into the secret knowledge this amazing creature provides. You can do this through research, meditation, and by directly inquiring into the energetic depths of the octopus. You will find the more you slip into the energetic realm of the octopus, the more secrets she will offer up to your consciousness.

The octopus loves a voracious student, and will serve up profound lessons to those who seek them from her. Even the habitat of the octopus speaks of mystery and wonder. As a creature of the water, the octopus holds animal symbolism pertaining to… Water Symbolism of Octopus Purity Psyche Motion Emotion Fluidity Intuition Creativity Flexibility

Water carries these attributes for several reasons. It is influenced by the wax and wane of the moon, and the moon is associated with psyche, intuition and emotion. The moon and water are also feminine or yin attributes. Additionally, water takes the form in which it is held – this makes it symbolic of flexibility, adaptability and creativity. A quick-list of octopus animal symbolism includes attributes such as… Symbolic Octopus Meaning – Keywords Will Focus Magic Reason Illusion Defense Mystery Strategic Potential Knowing Diversity Creativity Flexibility Expansion Complexity Intelligence Adaptability Insatiability Unpredictability

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