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Tree of Life in Steel and Citrine Quartz

Tree of Life in Steel and Citrine Quartz

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Throughout history, citrines have been valued for their beauty and brilliance. They remind us of the bright, warm sun and the vitality of life. Their vibrant yellow color and shining clarity often represent a healthy mind and body as well as happiness and success. Citrines have long been revered as bringers of luck, especially in business and trade; some even call this gem the Merchants’ Stone. It’s not hard to see why. With their luxurious golden hue, citrines are associated with wealth, prosperity and success. Perhaps this is related to the idea that these stones help you think clearly and make good decisions or perhaps a happy, sunny disposition makes you more attractive to do business with. Then again, maybe these gems truly are lucky! Either way, citrine jewelry is a wonderful choice for the workplace or for that big meeting you have coming up. Some small businesses even like to keep a stone in the cash drawer as a wish for good fortune. The Tree of Life is typically depicted as a large tree with spreading branches and roots, reaching up high and down below respectively. It has a variety of meanings which includes knowledge, stability and strength as well as individuality, wisdom and an insight within one's self.

  • The Tree of Life symbol is commonly depicted as a large tree with roots that spread inward to the ground, and branches that spread outward to the sky. This represents the interconnected nature of all things in the universe; an eternal bonding of the physical realm we are rooted in, and the spiritual realm we are reaching for. The Tree of Life serves as a reminder of our universal connection to the Mother Earth, and our dependence on her to grow and flourish.

    The Tree of Life is an ancient mystical symbol appearing in various cultures from the Mayans to the Celts, Buddhism to Nordic mythology. While these cultural legends centred around the sacred Tree of Life may differ in their detail, their stories symbolise similar overarching concepts linked to religion, philosophy and spirituality. Let’s take a closer look at some of the universal meanings behind the Tree of Life symbol, and how these may guide you in your own life’s journey.

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