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Rose Flower 925 sterling silver earrings

Rose Flower 925 sterling silver earrings

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There Rose is a genus of plants belonging to the family of Rosaceae which includes about 150 species and numerous cultivars. Native to Europe and Asia, the Rose it can reach several meters in height. There are over 30 spontaneous species in Italy, of which the most common are Canina , the Gallica , the Glauca (especially in the Alps), the Pendulin (Alps and the northern Apennines) and the Sempervirens .

IS the flower to donate par excellence and each variety carries with it a different message. From centuries is the symbol of love, devotion, admiration, beauty and perfection . It also symbolizes the secret and delicately revealing it . The tightly closed bud also embodies female chastity while the Rose blossomed represents youthful beauty.

In Roman mythology the Rose of lovers it was the flower sacred to Venus and has remained ever since to the present day as an expression of deep and passionate love. Many cultures of the world use this flower as a gift or as an ornament for various occasions , first of all that of Valentine's Day to declare one's feeling for the beloved.

Red roses are often used as decoration in weddings but also for the anniversary of the Mother's Day . Also, depending on the shade of red of the petals, the Rose it is used to express different emotions. There Rose purple, for example, is a promise of eternal and solemn love, the fiery red one means passion while the carmine one symbolizes erotic fantasies.


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